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Posey County. Indiana 

Information from Newspaper files 
in the New Harmony Library 

by Cox 

[ Carroll 0. & Gloria M. Cox 3 


""7p'ge 1 


James Smith was in Gibson County by 1608-taken from" Ind Lana Magazine of 
his torj Volume 21,1925 Wilkinson reference also made in same issue. 

County Seat ,'ars is given in Volume ten of Indiana Magazine of Hist cry. 

Pet rer. Cartwrigh t appointe'd Junior Preacher in Indiana in 1805 Joseph 

V.'i iliams preacner with 165 members 1 colored. Volume 10-Indiana Magazine 

of History. 

Alsc taken frc:n Volume 10 Moses Ashv.r^th. was a circuit rider in first 
Indiana Circuit in 1S07 . In 1S9S Peter Cartwright organized a circuit 
at Busroe? In 1815 5ohn Schrader and in 1815 Thomas Davis as riders. 
The Fatoka circuit was founded ih 1811 with Benjamin Edge as the Rider. 
In 1816 John Shrader served the Blue River Circuit. 

In Volume 19 mention is maie of a Rey_. V i 1 1 i a .r. '■'■ . Martin who taught 
James Ackman Carnahan at Laviona ,l"diara . Rev. Ja mes A ckman Carnahan 
was the descendant of Scotch-Irish ancestors "who came about. I7 4iT~to 
Pennyslvania than on into Virgina nad 1790 into [Kentucky, Nicholas County 
where James was born in 1802. His father later 'went to Davieses? County 
Indiana . 

Volume 17 of Indiana Magazine of History gives the Jaquess and 3hrader 
story. On page 26 is a letter written by John Shraier. He gives the 
following members in the autumn of 1615 at Poseyville-Amos King was the 
preacher and members were Jonathan Jaquess and his wife Rebecca, and 
Katherine Rankin their daughter in las. Joining during the same fall 
were Rebecca and Amelia daughters of Jonathan Jaquess and A^na Gale. 
John Shraier served as preacher in 1821. On December- 12,1819 Shrader 
preached at Hurl McGrary's cabin. In the same Volume also it tells 
of t e Blue Grass Settlement in Vanderburg County having been made first 
in Posey County near Slairsville. 

Still in Volume 17 tells the parentabe of John Shrader. His father v e 
John Jacob Von Shroader who was born in Germany and educated at He.ideibui 
John Jacob Von Shroaier came to America H, vember 15,1774(maj be 84) to 
escape military service. In Americar.he changed his name to John Shrader. 
He became a Methodist in Hew York City and went oa to Balltmore 
he married a Miss Wolf. Old John Shrader was a musician cf 3ome talent 
and write several songs. "rem Baltimore they went to Knoxville, Tenn. 
where John <Jr. was born in 1795. John Shraier Jr. joined the church 
In 1810 and began to exhort in 1811-preach in 1812 and was addmitted to 
to the Term . Conference in 1614. Fie was ordained a decan by 3Ishcp Asbur 
at L ban on, Tennessee in 1614 and ordained an elder by Bishop Roberts 
in 1318 at Olwells camp ground belo* Al ton, Illinois . In 1814 he served 
the Gx'een River Circuit in Ke tucky with 10 appointments for a total o 
400 miles. He almost died in 1819 while servinf the White River Circuit 
in Arkansas. He came back to the Patoka Oircuit v,her : : he regained his 
'health and married Permelia Jaquess. He entered the circuit again, at 
the 3i :e o ' 65 . 

page 2 


Taken from "The Land of the Miami 's" by Barce vnge 388--qul)ting Baylor 
"Techumseh being absent at the battle a chief called. White Loon was 
the Chief Commander of the Ea*-tle of the Iridiar.a--He was seen in the 
morning after the battle riding a large white bourse in the woods ,accross 
the Parie where he was shot alb by a Volunteer named Montgomery- at the 
crack of his rifle the horse jumped as if the ball had hut him. Tne 
Indian rode of. During the battle the Frofhit was hidden on a hill 
safely away from bullets". 

Taken from Sandford Cox's "Recollections of the early settlement or. 
the Wabash"--gives the Ewrys , ar.d Rises in 1323 in Tippecanoe County. 
On page 46 gives the following located in near Jj afayett-e in 1828 Hilt, 
Knapper ,V olf ,Gushwas ,Gunkle, and near Dayton ( Tippecanoe County) in 1829 
a James V.ilkey. Between 1349 and 1354 600 people died of chclorea in 
Lafayette . 

Taken from page 59 of School's of Indiana--Rev . Hiram A. Hunter. born near 
Lynchburg, Va . taught school at Princeton from 1827-1854 he wasa Preacher 
and living in Louisville, Kentucky in 1875. From same bock a Mr. Shute 
t-ah£-:--:. taug ter the first school in Vanderburg Co. --Daniel Shute. 


MAIL ARRIVAL-In 1825 the mailed afrived at New Harmony Eastern via 
Cincini ti, Louisville, and Evansville every Thursday and departed on 
Friday morning. 

Mt ,0ctcPer 6,1825 drowned at Mt. v'err-n Korana^ Revnolds aged 52 
came from r -art County, rlentucky and leaves 3 motherless children t'-fi^eiirg 
wi r.h a family b y name of Casingers going to White bounty, Illinois . 

October 1,1325 dead letters at New Harmony Post Office. 

Peter Brooner Ezra Hazen Jo'"" 1 Staima 

Thomas Boon Samuel Hogens ^nomas Thompson 

William ?. Bennet Elijah v . JacSsonJacob Tillet ,, 

Arthur Carter ^ David Kenerly Issac '^ 

Jesse Combs Eljah Lemox Henry Travis 

Harrison Campbell/ Urbin Marrs / Preslv j.'.'.ilscn- 

Rachsl Carson Stephen McCollumJames 0. Wattles Esquire , 

•Abner Curtis J William Marcus David Wood 
Bennett Jefferson Dean William Mo' fitf John Williams / 

John A. Endicott f Tobias Riteman 

In October of 1825 a Sherriff's Sale was held in favor of Thomas Levitt 
against John Richards 

September 29,1825 Moses Montgomery had add in paper net to be responsible 
for debts of Betsy Montgomery nee Hover ton ( Ha uer ton ) as she had left his 
bed and board. 

November 03,1825 the forrest fires we e so dense in Illinois that at 
Hew Harmony the smoke was so thick that the sun was covered. Ir. same 
issue a notice of a nilitary ball to be given. 

page 3 



November 23,1825-from Vanderburg County the setriing of the estate of James 

Seaman with John Conner as the Admistrator. 

December 7,1825-died at Mt . Vernon--Mrs . Maria C-. Hough-21 years ccnscrt 

of Dr. B. ". Hough. 

In an issue between December 7,1825 and January 4,1825- Various North vs. 
John Berry, Nancy M 'Kinney, Daniel M 'Kinney , Andrew Waggoner and others 
heirs of ' John Waggoner. 

January 4,1826-Jane Cartwright vs. Samuel Cartwright suit for divorce. ^ 
Also same issue William David vs. Marj -'avid suit for divorce. 

May 16,1625-married by John Schrader- Thomas Cooper of Wanborouglj, Illinois 
to Josephine Pels late of Saunders ville, Indiana . 

June 5,1826 Vanderburg County court items-Polly SScClain vs. Mathew McClain 
suit for divorce — Rebecca Stines vs Isaac suit for divorce. 

July 18,1826-kstate of James Muze with Joseph Wasson and Eli Muse as-adnio 

July 26,1626-dead the infant daughter of Thomas and Nancy Howard. 

August 23,1826-Dead-V.Illiam Wheatcroft 13 year old son of Mrs . Gerauld. 

Ann infant daughter of Thomas D . and b ucy Wait. 

August 30,1826-Elizabeth Schnee wife of John Schnee — Jonn infant son of 
Simeon and Eliza Schnee— Mary grown 9 year old daughter of Thomas and 
Agnes Brown all dead of Typhus. 

September 6,1826-Dead of %phus--James Dransfield 5 year old son of Samuel 
and Mary Dransfi led — John Smith late of Pittsburgh. 

September 13,1826—Dead Thomas H ne 40 late of Surry England — Emily four 
year old daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Glazier. 

September 13,1825 lest a land grand belonging to James Cawscn-peti tion to 
get new one . 

April 1826-letters at the Post Office Included— Thomas Almon,Issac Baker, 
Mary Clark, '".'iiiian Rankin, Ellas Roberts', William S tailings' . 

Same issue--"Caution all persons are hereby cautioned not to urust ra^ wife 
Catherine Snell, she having left my house and foard without just cause, as 
I will not be answerable for any iebts she may contact after, this notice.'' 
s i gn e d Jo hn Snell. 

April 12,1826-Mr. John Solmcn of Louisville on a visit her he came on the . 
s teamcea t "Hi ehland La idi e" . 

page 4 


■March 11,1826 -V/illiam L wery found a horse in ^ynn 1 ownship. 

April 27,1826-Joel Casey was on a committee for St. John F e ast at Princeton 
at the Masonic Lodge Building- 

May 10,1826-Dead-George Wood age 36 late of Albion formerly of Godalming, 
Great C-ri tton . 

May 17,1823-Dead G e orge Scott age 54 late of Georgetown, Washington, ^.C, 
orginally from Davenport, England. 

May 31,162G--~he church and boarding school were struck by lightening. 

January 11,1826-dead letters at New "araony \ aM*~ 

Abijah "lien, John Akin s , Hew Ainslle,Abner Coats, Margaret Coats, Joel Druck?, 
V. : illiam Pry mi er, Thomas Civens , Jennet Harrelson,M .C, Harris , William Harris, 
Jesse Houchen,John Johnson , J .'■'. . Johns or., E.D. Davis, h obert Keightey, Charles 
M 'Intush,Earnard M 'Manus, Samuel McCarty, James Noland,Abner Pope, James Robb. 

January 15,1826-a sale notice for the sale of Thomas Barton deceased. 

January 18, 182 6- -Willi am H. Kincholoe applied for new land granfi certificate 
his having been destroyed by fire. 

January 25,1826-married Mr. Samuel McCormick snd Adelaide Augusta kanphear 
late of Cinnicinti--Dead Johh Schnee Jr. second son of John Schnee Sr. 
Mrs. Nancy M 'Donald consort of J ,M.M«Donald. 

February 8,1826-notice of partition of lands of the late George Potts and 
Samuel Scott entered into agreement with Asa Comstock by Marianne Potts . 

February 15,1826-Erancis Asbly vs. Daniel P. Asbly( could be Albry) divorce. 

March 1,1826 a flu epedemic in Pcsey County was raging. 

March 1,1826-Daniel Lynn advertizes a horse he found. 

February 28,1826-notice of the 26th Peg. of Indiana Milita was ordered to 
meet October 16,1326 at the house of Robert Randolph. The commissi en ed 
officers, no corns, and staff officers to meet en the 2nd Friday and Saturday 
■in September at Robert Randolps house. A Battalion muster to be held at 
the. house of Joshua Overton the 3rd Saturday in May by Zacfeariab Wade 
the Connanding Officer. 

March 22, 182 6 -mentions a Mr. Rose en the steamboat "Highland Laddie" which 
was bound for Vineences and Terre Haute. 

April 5,1825 — dead at Hew Harmony, John Friedland late of Philadelphia and 
headed for - j ew Orleans. 

September 20,1826-Estate notices of extate of Samuel Kelly by Matllida 
Kelly-Vanderbur- C un ty . 

page 5 


October 4,1826-married by John Schroder Richard Beck of "'ashing ton D.c, 
k and Harriett Vandusen of Princeton. 

October 4,1826- L/ ead letter office lists Ephriam ^erring. 

October 11,1826-Dead infant daughter Eliza of Franklin and annah W. Fearing. 

October 18,1826-Ruben Kidder dead 52 years old at tern y late cf Bos ton,»'-ass . 
Also Abraham Penfold 47 late of Surry, England both dead of typhus. 

October 18,1826-Estate of William Clark-J .S-.R. Delancy Admins tra tor . 

October 25,1526-Dead Dr. Robert D. Hough eldest son of Dr. "ough of Cincinniti 

November 29 ,1626-Es tate of John Reynard-administrator Sarah Reynard. ... 
Issac Aidrsdge vs. ,ane Aldredge divorce. 

December 13,1826-taken by John Burket in Robb Township a colt appraised by 
Legrew Bennet and ■'•saao Smith by Peter Jones Justice of Peace. 

January 31,1825-taken b; William Crabtree of Robv Tovffiship horse appraised 
by J ames Casey and John Crabtree by Peter Jones Jj.P. 

February 7, 1827 -Dead-William Pelham at Mt. Vernon. 

April 4,1827-list cf dead letters include-Gidecn 3. Campbell, Amedec Duffour,' 

Henry I. Hunter, James Rogers, -and John Wallers 


July 4,1827-dead letters-Robert Butler ,Fernafole °cx, David Durling 

July 4,1827-Es tate of Alexander Wilson lists the following names-Miss Seely 
Wilson, Margatoet Wilson, Alexander Himan and Sarah his wife, Folly Johnson 
wife of John Johnson. 

July 1,1827 -.-Dead Anne infant daughter of John and Sarah Craddock. 

Phillip Williams lived in Point '^'ownship in 1827. 

July 16,1827-Caleb Wilmans married to Elizabeth Ann L. Ridgeway the daughter 
of Caleb Ridgeway. 

July 15,1827-^ead Elmira Wines eldest daughter(age 15 years) of Martin and 
Elizabeth Wines- cause of death typhus. 

August 8,1827-Dead David Keenan a lawyer aged 23 of Nicholas Co,Va. 

August 27,1827-Dead John S. Johnson aged 27 late of Pi ttsbough, Pa .-typhus . 
Jane M'call aged 33 native of Perthshire, Scotland-wife of Williarr M 'Call 


page d 


September 12,1827-married by William Nelson J. P. -John Schnee to w ancy Evans. 

September 13 ,1827 -Hoods ferry was listed at New Harmony. 

September 26,lS27-Dead-«--Joseph Glazier 31 formerly of Wanborough Surry, England 
Alma Eveleth 48 wife of Issac Eveleth late of Washington D. C. 

October 31,1627-Lead-Marcius Butler of near It. Vernon, aged 33 years. 

September 1827-kead on the morning of the 15th Orphany Rogers consort of 
Johnathan Rogers formally of Branf ord, Conn ecti cut . 

October 2,1827-^ead letters by John Schnee post mas ter--Elias Altlizer, 

Eliza Ann Prazer , Jordan, Reddrick Cartwright, William Herring, Ignacic.s 

Levitt, James Robb f Julius -tailings. 

George Smith and John Barr admins trators of estate of James Richardson in 
town of Cynthiana Posey County, Indiana . 

January 9 ,1G28-Dead-Saturday evening last-Volney infant son of J. S. and 
Esther Johnson of this place. 

Dead Letters-January 1,1328-Esther Johnson, Wm. S .S tillwell ,Wm. Stewart, Wright 
S tailings, Abner Willis. 

Estate o r William Kc r 'a idin-r« r .arch l,182S-lists the following ^ames ,J .Y.Welborr. , 
John McFaddin , James McFaddin,Noah McFaddin,Govnor McFaddin, Polly Givens, 
Catherine Duckworth, and Lucinda Bishfop. 

Karch 10,1828-William Harrington and John J. Neeley adminstra tors of 
Joel F. Casey of Gibson County. ' 

V.arch 1,1F28-Ben jamin Gwaltney of Robinson Township, Posey "ounty found ncrse 
and was appraised by Peterson Grant and Joseph Grant with looses Grant as J.F. 



1838 map of Posey County the copy made by E. Phillips lists just a few 
land owners in Northern Posey. ^hese include in H&rmony suction 27.N.E. 
Comor <* Fitzegeraid. In section 26 tu« N.". comor '-i-homas u 'wens , the 
N.E. corner Ezekiel Kight,the N.W. comor '^ Cox and the S.^-. comor 
Jourdon Butler. 

The 1840 map of Harmony is' much the same as the 1850 except that in section 
19, of Harmony are a V,. Jolly and J.J.Price, in section 17 Eliakim Andersen 
and Elijah Anderson as owning lard in the S.E. corr.or. Shirley has the 
N.E. corner and S.Stallings the S .V.' . comor and Rogers the U .'•'• . corner. 

un a ted map has ov.ning land in immediate vicinicty of New Harmony ft iliiam 
Hunter 17^ acres also a Justinian Cur tw right, John Burton, Edward Burton, 
and Thomas Goooer. 


1950 map lists the following' land owners in n armony township. 

Section 26-N.V.'. 90 ,J hcmas Gv;ens and Enoch Axton. S.". 30 Thomas G.Cox. 

S.h 80 Susan Eutler. N.E. =>0 Emily ""ight and H. Nelson. 

Section 35-B. Shirley and John Hunter N. w . 80. N.E. 80UrDane Williams. 
SoW. 80-V.'illiam Hunter. S.E. 80 M. Hunter(Margaret "ash Hunter) 

S.ection 27 lists the following as owning the land--Mr. Roberins on, Eliza Rogers, 
S. S tailings , Eli jah Anders on, Eli kum Anderson,' 1 '. Shirley, and B. Shirley. 

Section 34. White, T. Johnson, James Overton, Stephen Eutler. 

Section 28. Eljah Levitt, M. Levitt, Sti llwell M . Deainlt,Capt.J. Williams, 
*M.T. Carnahan, A. Shirley. 

Section 20. Jc. Ccx, J ames Rogers, Jane Rogers, W, 'i'. Rogers, V.'. Stillwell. 

Section 33. U . Williams, A. Stallings, J. N. Endicott, J. Travers ,Stallings , 

Section 4. Sarah Endicott, Varner, Stallings, Ellas Johnson, John Johnson, 
J.-. Endicott, ". Johnson. 

Section 3. Elias Johnson, J as . Givens, A. Neal, Mary Baker, Eight heirs, 
R. Randolph, E. R. James. 

Section 2. rt . -'ash, 0. "ash, SiaM .Cartight, J.G. Owens, Thomas Owens, H. Stalling 

Section 1. V.'m . Hunter, Jesse ash, Alien Moutry, """'nomas Gwaltney, Elizabeth 
Cox, J. ^ays? 

Section 13. William Williams, A. Fiilinghriem, ». Hunter, Jo'nn W. Cox, V..G-. 
M oy e , J chn Brown . 

page $ ( 


S^CTIC' 1, 13. J. Moye, James Cox,J.G. Moye, E. Kimball, G. Marvel. 

Section 14. Samuel &, Vv'erton(V.'ilson) 

Section 15. Rogers, L. Damon, ° . Stailings, ^ . Edwards, V.'.H. Shephard,Alsx 
Rogers, ii. 'Rogers. 

Section 10. F. ^dicott, Susan Stailings, Randolph J. Betcher, J. Cartright. 

farts of section 21,22, and 27 S. Anderson, ^elson 

page -j& [ 


I&k< n from old newspaper-January 1882 the marriage of Jourdan ii ancock and 
Sara';. Ann Bruce. 
Same issue--Dead--i'rs . J ulia Hancock wife of Frank Hancock. 

Tak.-^n from Indiana "'ag of History Eecember 1944 pages 357-358 mentions a- 
Thomas Jordan and Bphraim as being in Vincences ' 1 ov.nship in 1798 and fined 
for refusing to be tax collectors. On page 361 -ssac White is mentioned in 
1801 and also mentioned is a William r age 582 says that Spier 
S,pencer had a 12 year old s^n with at the Battle of Tippecanoe the child 
being unhurt. 

The Schools of Indiana-published 1876 lists on page 56 a 'Tandy Baily ^cntgomerv 
as being a school teacher in the 1820's in Gibson "ountyand in 1860 recorder. 


Augu s t 7,1C313 lists the 8 Cox pioneers in Posey County-John(Donblehead) 
Cox,Jonathan -ox Sr,Absolom °ox, Jonathan -ox Jr., John L.{ Laughing) Cox 
Joe C x,Funrs:yford(Gener :1 ; Cox. (This is copied as it aooears in the 
paper .however it is a mistuke, the nickname of "General''" was used for 
Joesph(J e) °ox) 

l906--dead Mrs. Sarah J. Conrod in her 71st year. 

I931--Calvin Nesbi t committed sucide. 

, 1B81 married-Isaac Ro t ers and Angeline Johnston on Sect. 6./ 

Se ptember 4,1331 dead Mrs. Fhoebe Stillwell Hancock widow o Sam Uncock 
She died at Robinson, Illinois at a daughter's home aged 76 years. 

l931--John Staples foundry owner at Mt. Vernon committed sucide age §9. 

November 15 ,1351_ James A. Cooper 57 a native of Ilev; Harmony committed 
sucide at ^erre Haute, Indiana . Half brother of Robert Cocaer son of 
James a. and Emma Stuart Cooper. Had a wife and son. y 

December 11,1331 Raymond Hendricks accidentally shot and killed by Reed 
V.ilson at Cynthiana . 

1906--dead, Thomas Axton aged 71 years. 

Ridenour family listed as living at Phillips town, Illinois in 1331. ^ies 
into the Rose family. 

'1882 — V iliiam Cqpeland aged 35 dead. 

February 25,1935- dead Y.'illiam Retiring aged 84 a former resident of 'lew 
narmcny brothers Jake and John. 

February 26,1932 dead Luke Hunter aged 82 ye rs . 

1907 — dead Everrett Cavit aged 16 years. 

1907--deud Elijah Baily born '"arch 3,1868 

March lS,195 1--dead John Donaldson aged 83 years. 

1331-dead at Grayville, Illinois James Butler 64 he married Rosa Saltzman. 

2907 — dead Mrs. Laura Endicott of New Harmony aged 60 at the home " 
of a sen in Mt. Carrael, Illinois . 

August 5,1332 A small article in the New Harmony Reigster says that 
the Cynthiana K.E. Church ©bersved it's 100th Annversery Sunday. 

1882 — Hume Redman killed his wife and was taken from the jail at "- 1 . 
Vernon to Evans vi lie. A lynch mob w^s formed and one of the moo was 
killed by lav, officers protecting Redman. (this murder occured in western 
Robb towns hip near the Harmony, Center township line). 


February 6 ,1951- -issue in 50 year ago col.,nakin fc it 1881--dead Slisha 
Anderson tebruary S in his 34 yr. 

1881--dead in her 15th year "'arch 15, Annie D oren. 

April 5, 1331 -- issue in 25 year ago col. dead 1905 Jordon Hancock 74 yr. 1 ; . 

April 17,1331 — dead Amanda Records n atifield aged 94 years. 

1681 — killed in Robb 'J-ownship in an accident Charles Kuering aged 42 

' 1931--dead Rev. Grant Ferguson of Blooming tor., California native of Hew 
■ Harmony. 

Jul y 10 ,1931 --dead >--alida Fowler Stillwell at Grayville, Illinois widow 
of StilTwell. Leaves daughters Mrs. Elenzo Culiver,Mrs. hick Eaton. 

Jul y 24 ,1331 --dead Mrs . Ella Lee Defur widow of Eenry Defur 3 dens,ldau. 

July 51,I931 --dead at 'Washington, Indiana Jess Cerrell bite by Copperhead. 

• t <♦ 

January 2,1931- - dead Mrs. Emma Kendall at her daughters Mrs. Sherman 
Phillips hurled at Stillwell. 

Same issue--dead Emma Johnson widow of J. H Q v;ard Johnson-son and dau. 

. January 9,1951 dead Mrs. William McCoy aged 55 of heir , Kansas daughter 
of Thomas and Louisa ^nelling Kinney. 3 sons, 6 iaus . 

January 16,1931 dead Mrs. Fred Keimaerlin e aged 51 yrs-4 sisters and 
granddaughter Geneive '.'ebb. 

January 25 ,1931 -ddead Mrs. Bessie Whipple Crawford husband Parley Crawford 
" 2 daus . 1 s en . 

1931--dead Edgar Allmon--aged 55 at Somsrville, Gibson C . 

1931--dead iJ ancy Randolph Moye aged 79 wodow of John L. Moye dau. of 
Thompson and RebecoalSndolph. 

1906--married in 1906 in Chandler, Okla . Kail Ji . Johnson to Maude Vidner. ■ 

1931--dead Daviu Crunk a t ed 72, former Posey resident at Carmi,Ill. 

February 5,1859--School boy murder. Wesley £ tailings stabbed and killed 

Franklin Stillwell. The quarrell overa love letter. The trill held 
before Duclos . Joseph Edson and Horace Pritchard were the lawyers. 
Stallings bound over to hither court en manslaughter charges with bond 
set at 1,000. Dr. &. A. Cooper testified as did Franklin Price, Robert 
Harmia fc ,Mary ---nn Kungit, Ellen Stallings, Sarah "-nn Stillwell, ana John 
Stallin t s. The quarrel started at school over a love letter which Sam 
Carahan said his sister wrote. Mr. Wilbur was teacher .( '■'■his must have 
been ei the 1 " Stillwell or Full tide school) 

January 2G,1059--married John Staley and »>ary V.ilsey. 

1861— attachment of Robert Wilson, Anderson, and Barrett a t ainst J c hn 
Hughes . 

Feb. 1861 William Stallings adm. for Elias Johnson estate. 

February 1£61— Hoses Johnson ndm. for Hurbert Stallings ,es tie. 

Sept.9 1861- -Sherwood H. Butlers estate sale in Robb Twp . with William 
Williams adm. 

'Februarv 7 1859--died at her residence near Poseyville in her 40th year 
•of ape after a lingering illness of 31 days of typhoid fever--Jane Jaqusss 
consort of Asbur< Jaquess and was buried in family buriel ground, ner 
son George became sick en the 23 th day after his mother and aied Dec. 
23,1B.3S afeed 19 yrs . Henry her son also became ill and died aged 15 yrs . 

1861— -John H. Kaghee and Gillison Magbee against William Koye,Abner Wade, 

Thomas G. t'oye, Wyatt G. Moye, and Benjamin "ox. 

April 29,1859— dead at Mt. ¥erncn, Indiana George Robert son of George and 
Ellinor Davidson aged 17 mo. llda . 

1861— attachment of James A. Rogers against Daniel Ellis. 

December, 185S— married Samuel Wiley to Elizabeth Jackson on December 12. 
Also married Richard Stumps to Temperance Marquis . 

December ,1858— a murder at Springfield, William Casway murdered by Osca< 
Farrell and wife who left the county. Casway was found by his son when 
he returned to F a rrell house after going after drinks. 

January 1,1859 — dead O.D. Chafee in California he died in 1858. "otice 
published by W. A. Twigg. 

Jan., 1859 —murder at New Harmony. A man named Burk murdered by a man 
named Burns who fled. 

Jan., 1859— William Williams adm. for Azariah Doss estate in Robinson, 'ft 

1858— married Dec .25 ,1E58— Alonzo Hugo to Florence Anderson of N .Harmony. 

January 9 ,1859— notice of Michael Craddock being killed in October in Calf. 

January 9,1859— Henderson Crutchfield, seeks information about two brothers 
Andrew" J. and Rufus |£ . bound out 17 years before to James McCormick in 
Ba th C ounty , Kentucky . 

January 11,1859— married S. V. . Anderson and Aminda Cross. 

June; 1859 —John H. Waller adm. for Eleanor Waller estate, sale Juno 25,1859 

Jun ej TS59— Benjamin Stoker born in Va.,1786 he came to Kentucky in 1798, 
came to Indiana in 1C04 to Gibson , County (nor them part). He was in 
Jacob War ricks Co., Battle of Tippecanoe and also served in the ganger* . 

page # t? 

1859--a rodad to run from Wabash River at Dennis old ferry to intersect 
with Springfield and 71airsviile road near C. C ... Williams , run through 
lands of John O'Neal, Zack Johnson, V. Soper, Luke Wiley, Ransom Lewis, 
Lytle Wiley, Joshua Richards, John J. Richards, Thomas Mathews, William 
Ackman, V.'. Stephens, <J . Taylor, Folly ranker, 0. Stpehens, Ed. Stallin e s, 
James Bravard,J. Wilson, James Stallings, Fred u ardy, Chambers u . Williams. 

June--1859--Ed . Homer adm. for Thomas '-i. Lonaldson estate. 

August 1853 — married David L. '"arris and '-ary E. Calvin. 

August 21,1559--dead Frances Williams aged 17 years 5 mo. (written in lorg 
hand on paper 'hunt of Louise Husband' Constance P.') 

September 19,1653 — Kiss Lydia Hinkley will open a school terms 5-3.50 for 
IS weeks . 

March 5,1859--riotice of attachment of property of -^ssac Cooper by John 
Cooper Jr. 

March 5,1859—Sewing school advertized by Mrs. and Miss Pfcsely aieoteah 
teach boys plain reading, writting and spelling. Terms 52 .50 and 3. per 
quar ter . 

inarch 19 ,1359--dead . Oliver H. Smith of Indianapolis aged 54 born Burks 
County , Fa ., came to Indiana in 1817 first came to Rising Sun then to 
Conners villa . 

March 1659--bound for Pike's Peak — C.T g ylor ,R. Wisley,W. T a ylor,E .Kills 

,G. Barrett. 

April 18,1859-- dead letter listed £pr Gocdel F. Wilbur. 

April 14,1859-- married Thomas Ferguson and Mary Johnson. U^ ! 

April 18,1859— S tailings convicted of killing Stillwell given 2 yrs. 

April 29,1859 — Hon. Daniel E. Sickles acquitted. 

April 29, 1859 --Samuel D. A'-c Reynolds applies for licence of a store at 

Wadesville . 


November IB 59 -Edward Homer dadminis tra tor of Joseph Keefer's estate. 

Dec .1359 - -Sherriff s sale — ■ n arrison Dosett plaintiff vs. Charles C. Whit- 
ing, Daniel Cater, John ^. -hi ting and Joseph Neely. 

Dec .1859--Sherriff s sale — Clark Garriss, V.'m. B ozeman asignBe of Sharp 
V.ilkins against Sharp V.'ilkins and Hiram McCoy. 

Dec. 1859-;-James J. Baily adm. of David J. Jones estate. 

January 1850— James Cale has a notice his is having his ground surveyed. 

January 5th .1860 — dead Mrs. Louisa Evans at Richard Owens aged 52 yr.Smc. 

January 9th,1860--dead William Penneck aged §5 leaves wife and 4 children. 

Page f nf 
Snac^? rrlffS Sale " JameS Gartam>, ' illi ^ ard Lir> « Hutson by Janes 
February 26,l860--dead-Mss Lavina hall aged 38 yrs . 
1860-Andrev. Stalling adm. for Abner V.'ilkins estate. 
U-60-Cbituary of I.O.O.F. lodge at Stewartsville for Aaron Robb . 

April 10,1860-dead-Krs. °ane Reeves wife of ". H. Reeve- of ^oh^ Tom ^ 
_ inform ti on of throat, aged 50 yrs. a member of Re^apt! church! ' ' 

Conn'^erfTat^J^H^ ?- Sh ° ? aged 4? Came f ° Ne * * arm ™? fro * Litchfield 
oonn. mere father still lives, ^eaves wife and 3 small ones. 

1860-marriod— James Bennett to Annie R. Culbertson 

1860-Fred £. Dixon adm. to William Carney estate. 

1660-Jobn A. Defur attachment to property of V.'m. H. Williams. 

I860- July-- William V.'illiams adm. for Aaron Robbs estate. 

July 15,1860-married James Bores and laura "ayden. 

August or September 1860-murdered at Sori-c-field r.,<, v, OQ+ . >. . 

wife she went to her fathers heme Mr. fceltlf Sking-SnET^S one chiJd 
%e next day her husband appeared with the other child she feSin* him 
Ster^ar -3%scap; d ! tS '*<""* ^^ *» ^ «" Sh0t * ^whe^' 
1860-Richard Ford adm. for Daniel James Williams and Issac .illiams estate 

■April 30,1867-Angeline Sellings and others against heirs of Richard II 
Reeves commissi oners sale. . ° ra n * 

April 27,1657-sale of Enoch I. Butler vs. ^rkin Butler and "ancy Butler. 

April 27,1857-sale of ~ary Reeves vs. Angeline Stallings and others. 

1857— estate of Jane Maples-James A. Cooper Adm. 

1667-married Clarance L. Weir to "ary ' &. Walker. 

1857-Gibscn Co. William Davis estate with Thomas C. Jaquess adm. 

1857-Thomas P. Price adm. of John a, ? r ice estate. 

1867-John <" . Robb adm. to Cornelius Overton estate. 

July 9,18S7-married C. Surk and Susan Taylor, 

Kenry Husbands and Emria M, Cambrel. 

July 14,1867-sale of David T. Smiley estate in Smith twp . William -illiams 

Page fg 

July 14,1867- a note of caution issued by U. G. Damrcn that a note he 
s.gnea m April to T. F . Burch for $100. is no good being obtained by 

July 14,1867-Moses Johnson offering 380 acres for sale-lists a 7 room 
house, cellar, smoke, loo- house, wJS.1 shed, dry-house, 2 els terns 
a well plus otner improvements including 70 fruit trees and 5 tenant 
Rouses, (he later withdrew the offer) 

July 14,1357 issue— dead— July 8th, 1857 Joseph Endicott Sr . in the 

8oth year of his age. The deceased was a native of Kentucky and emie-atd 

to Posey County in 1814. He was in the War of 1812 and was with Col* 
; Richard k. J hnson of the ^hoames . He has left a large famil- of children 
and numerous friends to mourn his loss. " 

July 14,1867-dead-Haehel Richardson consort of Thomas Richardson born at 
Staugton, Huntingdonshire, England November 5,1321 leaves 5 children.' 

A £ g " St J:?' 1867 " sale of> David Smiley »s land near Kff. Pleasant south 
oi Cynthiana . 

Keltor!. 24,le67 " £herr,iff ' S sale - J 'P-' ; - Allen vs. William Kelton and Jemin 

Sfv^f 'tT "^^ iffS f ale " Gecr ^ *- Eaten vs. Levi C. Williams garret 
Williams , John Killer. Lot number 16, Whitings additon Cynthiana 

o°If^ er . 9 ' 18 ^"? achel Overto ^ ^ guardian Jamee T. Overton vs. Elzi^a 
Overton to sell land. 

October ll,1867-dead-*ary inf. dau. of Richard and Prudence Ford. 
Septemoer 23,1867-dead-Alvin C inf. son of Allen and -'-ne Heln* «k 
Nov. 8,1 87-dead-Mary wife of Ira L. Schnee "aged 38 years. 

1857-:;otice of attachment James Bally vs. James P. Samples and John Wilson. 

November 17,1867-dead-Roxse Ann Seal aged 60 year widow of John Seal. 

1867-notice of insolvency-Estate of James Eance by James T. Demaree adm. 

Nov. 24, 1867 -dead-Harry sen of Robert and "arcisses Gullett 

November 20,1867-dead-Mrs . Esther Ferguson in hep 34 th yr . in next issue 
Gillet Schnee adm. of her estate. 

December 17, 1857 -William Williams vs. Eainey Cleveland attachment. 

January 2, 1868 -William * . Schnee and *ery indie ott 

January 9 ,1863-dead-Jesse T. Mathews aged 57 a native of Va . resident o^ 
Posey County for 41 years. ' 

1868-Add±tonal *ioo. pension to following soldiers, James Williams .Josiah ' 
p . !T' E V ■ i,arren /*omaa Richardson, Edward Baldwin, Peter Clayton,John 
r. ..ade, T. S. Wade, Henry Boeckle, • . !•!. Brooks, William fcox." 

page 4 iy 
February 13,1868-married John 3. Whithead and Martha Johnson. 

February 5 .lScS-dead-^ary L. wife of David V.'isley aged 46 years. 

Febn^ry 16, 1868 -dead-Nelson Felch aged 55 years. 

"'arch 6 ,1858-Charles M. V.ilson makes a public statement that the slanderous 
statements he made about t/.rs . V.m. V. V.'oodson were untrue and he regrets 
It, that she is a good a virtious woman. 

ii. a -rch 28,lS"3-dead- m aria wife of nbsoloT. Dri^g rs in her 3Sth year. 

May 23,i86S-Sherriffs sale-May 23,13 r 3-Abrahan Baldwin against L eV ;is 
'Ferguson, ^a : ,ie- Fergus on, Henry Fergus on, James ianpsen. 

May ll,lc.GS-dead-i-ary reck aged 55 year a native of New £aven,Ccr.r_ . ^carne 
here over 40 years a fc o her husband Capt. Gad Peck having served in Rev. 
she got a pension believed last Rev. widow in Indiana. 

June 15,1868-Sherriff sale-Feter Semonicn against John filler ,Iielene Miller 
Mary Baker, William Baker. 

1868-several issued contain a fued between E. Rogers and the Eposcijblain 
Church minister about the graveyard then known as the Eposciplain Grave- 
yard. Roger- says that hi; father and the father of Thrall as well as 
other friends and family are buried in i t . 

1858-Sarah J. ^llen adm. of Robert G. Allen estate. 

June 20,1861-married K.C. Cooper and ^aurie U. Moore. 

June 27,lS61-' 1 he ^-armonj Rangers have been excepted for service apply 
to John K. Highman. 1. 3olton Sec. 

July 5,1861-Capt. ^altzmans Co. with 110 men left for Camp Baker. 

July,1851-notice of insolvent estates-Alexander adm. Iho.Mumford 

Issac V.illiams Jr. "ichard Ford adm.- 
Daniel J ames V.illiams -Richard Ford adm. 
(note Issac V.illiams and Daniel James V.illiams were killed in 
an accident in Bethel lownship) 

John A. Rachels-adm. J ames R. Rachels. 

July 17,l£':l-dead--'innie dau . of Hugh and Emma Burroughs. 

July 15,lc ; Gl-dead-f.'.rs . Louise Agniel aged 71 year. 

July 22,1861-dead-V.illiam Fooly Bolton 3rd son of Frances and fifary Bolton. 

July, 1861- James Lewis advertizes farm for sale l| mile west of Poseyville 
250 acres . 

May 5,1861-dead-Emma 2 yr . old dau. of Dr. E.V. and Amanda Mitchael. _ ■ 

May 5,1361-notice of attachment of goods of D a niel Ellis of Bethel Tw? . 
by James A. Rogers. 

page iq 

h'ay 11,1861-sherriffs sale &ay,l£ 51-John K. Maghee and Gillison Maghee 
against Ym. Moye,Abner V.'ade, Thomas G. Move, V'yatt G. Move and Benja-nin &xx 
Cox . 

Kay 11,1831-Military meeting at Foseyville-Capt. 7/.E. Khickerbacker . 
Lst. Lillet. J. L. '.'.alter, 2nd. Luiet,,J.C. Rutledge, 3rd, R. Downs, 1st., 
Sorgt.T.F. Davis, 2nd Ser^t. J. Walker, 3 rd Sergt. '■'.'. A. "aquess, 4th. 
Sergt. J. Burnett, lst Corp. Jo Lockhart, 2nd. Corp. T. Ayres,3rd Corp. 
S. Kirkpa trick, 4th. Corpl.B.C. Jaquess . 

May 11,1861-David Randolph applies for licences for store next to Lynns 
s tror e . 

£ay 16,1851-S.M. Anderson and son advertize as house painters. 

Kay 26,1868-dead-Mrs/ -lien Baldwin aged 73. 

Kar. 1859-at the funeral of William Jolly a horse driven by Mr. Leeding 
ran away near ■'-ssac Prices. 

inarch 12,l£39-dead-Bernfeart 4th son of ""ary and Vendall Schmitt. 

March 22,1859-land transfers- Absolora Boren tc John D. Boren. 

J. V. . Beeves to Joshua Over ton. 
George V. . Eaton to J. 3. Williams. 

April 5,1869- ^and transfers -Emlia Defur to Franklin ^ccper in r aris . 

May 20,1869- Eand "transrers -Nancy Overton tc *'ancy Aiders on. 

May,1869-David M. Schnee adm. for William Jolly estate. 

1869- land transfers-James R. Wallace to Joel F. Downey 

Joseph Showers to Henry Sword-Cynthiana 4 acres. 

1869 -dead-Aunt Patsy ^onelscn a negross who has been in N . Harmony for 

35 years aged 90 years. 

Hov . 6,lS59--ife. , --6w-;.- Sherrif f 's sale-James Lewis vs. Furney Lewis, James T. 
Lewis, David ± . Levis and others. 

Sherriff 's sale-T. Kuraford against Jacob Utley and 
Llisha Herring. 

December 13,1369-dead- Martha Ann Bally wife of Larl-cin Bail aged 33 yean 
Sarah Smith wife of Robert Smith 50 years, 
''ancy p. Grant wife of John K. Granty S£ years. 

December 1859 -attachment notice-William C. Bozeman assignee of Daniel 
Elkins vs. John S. Trainer and Prettyman Hncwles. 

1869-Sherriff 's sale-Fasden Driggers vs. Caralotte O'Neal, John O'Neal, 
Mitchell 'Heal, William 0>Neal, Catherine O'Neal, Oliver O'Neal, James 
Cooper . 

1S68- ''-each-jrs at school at New Harmony --John d . Davis , Principal, Ma ttie 

Collins, Julia Stephens, Ella Schnee,. Nettie Bennett. 

page ©• (j 7 
1368- A. ^oren t°i^t "to California because of bad health. I 6 

1868-married Peter V. . Lichtenberger and Sallie Smith. 

1356-Ldward fioner adm. of Resin Gentry's estate. 

Nov. 1868- Land Trans f ers-Lucir.da Overton to J. VY. Knowles 

Oliver Anderson to Alfred Whitehead 
November 19,1868-dead-garriett wire of Henry Schafer November 19,1863 

January 4,1869-Kenry C. Casey to Leroy Calvert s.e.z-N. Sobb Twp . 

January 7,1869-Lost and drowned of off a boat a William Mounts at Dead 
"•ans Island in the V.ahash. 

January 11,1869-Land ^ransf ers-V. illiam Richards tc V.illia-n u . Downs Foseyvill 

John "ayes to Kizziah Downs -V adesvill e 
Absclum Boren to ^ames Sampson IT. H. 
Smith R. Allison to William C. Posey- 
Alfred^B. Nisbet to William M. -ndicott 30 acres S3, 000. 
" " to Jesse D. Endicott^SO acres &3,0G0. 

(This wis settling the estates of their father James Casey Endicott 
and grandfather Joseph Endicott-It also probably included their share 
of their grandfather James Nesbit's estate although he didn't die 
for several years). 
January 13,1369-rWanted cheap furniture-Alsop and Ferguson at Thralls old 
store . 

January 13,1869 land transfers-David I. C c >; to William --- . Oliver 

David I . Cox to J.Q"n Laker 
D via I. Cox to via A. Wilson 
Elijah Anderson to James A. Barrett 
Absolom ^cren to John Waller 

February 20,1869-Off to California-Susanna Wesler . 

February 1,1'869-^and Transfers- Rufus lil . Stinnett to James H. Defur 

Shadrack Stallings to Willis Stallings 
March 8, 1859 -Land Transfers -J esse Endicott to James ?. Williams 

April 10,1869-Sherriff "s sale-Benjamin Kassey vs .John Vanway and Leyman 

PI. Boyle' 

Sept. 11, 189 6 -dead -Laurie Alice dau . of Louis A. and Mary McDonald. 

August 2, 1858 -married-William H. Huring and Alice ?. Griffith 

August 10,lS5S-dead-Arna Eliza dau. of "artha Jane and William Carr a £ e 1372 

November 9 ,1868-Tells of Resin Gentry's murder. 

July 11,1658-Run-away William K. '.'.'ells from Ja-ne-s M. Boyle reward of one 
cent but no thanks if returned. F.oob Township. 

August 25,1358-married d ames Shepherd and x 'ancy Grant. 

1858-Disolving of partnership of Joshua and J. V.. Cox at Bugtown. 

1856-Llias Cleveland warning against giving credit to his wife Martha. 

page -^ / ( 

July 13,1894-Dead- J ohn Seal 18 year old sen of Eugene 3eal at curve 
east o: 1 Stewar tsville on railway, he was afflicted. 

July 30,1G94-Dead- William Ramsey killed by train at Cr-ossville, Illinois . 
Dead- Thomas V.'ade aged 70-Center Township. 

Auril 1394-Explosion at Fred Morlock s store in tfnion Town Road explosion 
of gun povider* in store. r :hree boys Badly hurt, La::g, Knight ,5rookins . 
Lang died April 27,1394. 

April 1894-Dead-W'ilson Alsop aged 75. . Eliza Stephens buried at Beach Grove. 

""ay 4,1894-::ctlce of insolvency of estate of Joseph «. . Barrett, Harrison 
Barrett adm. 

May 4,1694- Oead-Gracus Fillingim aged 75. 

Dead-James -^ynn aged 74 died at Allen Sattons buried *'aple Hill. 

Kay 1394-Article sa;:s Chris Wilson oldest living native of Posey Co. born 
here over 70 years ago. 

^ay 18,1894-Gives account of Charles Finch living on A. H. -"retogeot s 
farm at lower end of Turkey island Shute near Fox -sland Ford and having 
an accident turning over his wagon and almost drowning. 

June 22,1894-married Clara Ellen Seward to J. Willard Sopcenfield of Evar.svl 

July 4, 1894-Dead- Drowned at V.. Franklin David Brcv.n 14, Ferley Williams 9. 

December 15,1893-Jesse Wade and John Wade bought tThe Little Vendome"Salon 

1893-Estate of Elizabeth Penf eld-James D. Wiley adm. 

1893-Division of Ribeyre estate-To Mrs ._ RLberyere and dau. Viets and Staley 
farms in Aarmony , Allen, ■'-■acefi eld, Issac Price and -<ewt. Price farms in Hobs, 
and V.K. Cartwright farm in Lynn 'j-ownship-Alf . Ryebere Cut -»ff island-; 
Emily ^ . Fitton Jolly, John R. Price and Cooper farms in Robb,Gecr t e h. 
Tnomas, ^ames H. Thomas and Amaerson farms in Lynn. 

December 22,1893-a terrefic storm on the Cut-Off island. There was also 
one in Bethel 'i' own ship in 1390 that was very destructive. 

1393-marrieu Ada Adans and George V. Lowe in Smith '^ownship. 

December 29 ,1893-51oody Riot at Griffin-John Fisher shot and killed by 
D a n Williams, Jim Crowly cut by a man named Boston. Also cut were Set-h 
Eeddrich ard Jim and N e v;t Price(sons of William Price) all who sere armed 
with knives. Wi liams was bar tender at Fiefer 's Saloon. 

1393-River Priates hold-up at Juno -"-sland. 

January 5,1894-Benjamin Davis arrested for shop lifting. He was 72 years- 
old, and had lived here IS yesrs a fr o. '.'.hen his wife died he left shortly 
afterwards and returned about a year ago. 

page fi. g(ft ;1C 
: i C •*' 
January 5,1894-A.A. Knowles a young man noar Owensville sent for 2nd time 
to mental ins t.uti on violently insane. 

January 5,1894-married ?rank Eggert and Anna Willis sister of Dr. Viliis. 

January" 5,1894-Dan Williams who shot Eli Fisher tried and acquitted in local 
court . 

January 5,1894-Dead-Edward S4 Hayes aged 58 at Kt. Vernon wife and7 children 

January 5,1S94-J.E. Randolph of near Wadesville released from assilym. 

Janusrf 5,1894-Kotoley one of the recent Griffins rioters put in jail at 
Stewarts ville . 

January 5,1894-Dead-Patsy Hill(Kartha) at Ike Rogers aged 52. 

Deaths in New harmony in December of 1893 --rank Paschal, baby of Charles 
4xton/anc Callage, Jesse Campbell ( old man) , Thomas Dixon. 


January 12,1894-dead-Y'illiam Bundy aged 85 at son Curtis house. 

January 12,1894-dead-Robert Smith young farmer of winter fever-leaves wife 
and several small children. 

January 19,1894-Ed. A. Nesbit of Evansvllle a drummer. 

January 19,1894-dead- at Blairsville Dr. L. A. Stewart. 

January 19 ,1894-dead-Mrs . Thomas Schute in Robb Township. 

January 26,1894-dead-Kr . Louis F. Vandergrif t-aged 33 Ri'cer Boat Capt. and 
native of Pi t±sburg,Fa. 

January 26,1894-dead-James Smith of winter fever aged 35 brother of Robert 
Smi th . 

January 26 ,1894-dead-William O'Dell living west of Schauss's Ford and a 
few hours later one of his daughters died. 

January 26,l£94-dead-Mrs . George Snell at Rough and Read, California in a 
x a letter from Mrs . George Grant. 

January 26,1094-dead-George Saltzman at his brothers home in Lynn Township 

February 2,1894-Fire at Poseyville destroyin G .V.' . Geisslers store, - 
3r os . , T .7' . Smith drugs tore, o".C- . Walker groceries, other buildings belong 
to Emma Geissler ,J .W . Smith, L.R. Williams, W 6 s Wade, Chas .Rightly (Right) 

V. Bos eman, James Williams, E.E. Lockwood, Pat Refers , George Runcie. 

February 2,1694-Andrew Stallings aged 73 has a gourd raised by his grandnoth- 
in N.C. 11C tc 125 years ago used as a sewing box also a gourd he used _ ■ 
as a baby toy. 

January ,1894-health reoort-births V.'ash Hunter girl, Ernest V. Linxweiler 
girl, others also listed. D«-d- Robert Smith 44, baby of J ames Smith 15 da., 
William Bundy 85,-atsy Hill 52,Clarance O'Dell 21, Charles Slater 08, Henry 
Holland 7 mos., James Smith 35, Louis F. Vandergrif t 58. 

■ page SB -^ 

February 9,1894-Dead-Enoch Snelling aged 91 years came to New Harmony in 
1823 from Crawford Co., Indiana. 

February 16 ,1 894-Varner acquitted in Franklin Murder T^ail . 

March 189 4 -Harris on A ', Barrett adm. for Martha Ann Kelson estate. 

April 1694-Mrs. Heuring celebrated her 84 birthday. 

May 25,1372-Sherriff 's sale-Rudd Viests vs. Elizabeth Saltzman. 

Alexander Burns vs .Joseph and Catherine Barrel 
William Resd vs .Asberry and lu ary V a rner . 
' ' Charles Kemerling vs. *"artr.a Jans and Vim. Carr 

1872-^and for sale by V.C .Duclos ,C .A . Farke,E .D.Owens-Daymon Farm 40 a:res 
S.E. of Mr. J. Cooper Sr. land. Also other land listed for sale. 

June 1,1 872 -Dead-Emily wife of George V.. Warren aged 43 yr . May 24 at 

Evansville. "A native of New Harmony the daughter of Robert Todd. 

1872-June dounty Comm. report is signed by Stinson Cox,Koses Endicott, 
Andrew Keck. 

June 18Sr2-V'.'illiam V.'illiams adm. for John Young estate. 

187?-U.S. Marshal's sale of Eagle Mill or Distillery property by Benjamin 
Spooner U. S. Marshal of Indian by Samuel Day Deptupty. Andrew C. Thomas 
vs .Adam Lichtenberger and "ames B. Culler. 

June 29, 1872 -Sher riff's sale-George W. Wade vs. Joel Harmon, and G. W. Lowe 

June 1872-Dr. John Robbs on, Dr. Railings , and Dr. Holton amputed the arm 

of William Stillweli aged 85 which was canderous, he is recovering. 

August 10,1872-Sale of estate of garvey Barnett by Edward Homer adm. 

1872-Edward Homer adm. for the of Doctor ( Thomas ) Mounts and 
George H. Buzick both of which are insolvent. 

n"v ember 3,1872-married F. Marion Gordon to Rosamcni Anderson 

John R. Hugo to Mrs. Elizabeth Caaddock 
John K. Hugo to ""ary Williams 

November 7, 1872 -Dead-Mrs . Charlotte Ruchti in her 70th year. 

Cn Oct. 2S, 1872 Jesse Defur only son of Uilliam Defur 
• engaged to a kiss Murphey . 

November 7,1872-Sherriff s sale-Wm. Taylor, John Persus^ssac Human, David, 
Heiman vs. Daniel Hon, William Taylor and Avis Pitts. 

December 7,1872-Sherriff 's Sale-John Reybere vs. Lewis a. Iv'.cDonald, Tho. 
C. Jaquess, J Lewis. ^ , 

Issac Anderson vs. Lewis i-c ^onala ana J orm 

W . Wa ts on 

November 1872-Attachment sale-Sarah M, Moorehead vs. George Hutcnson 

page M ^ 
February 15,lE73-dead-Vicotr filler aged 45 years 10 da, 

'"arch 1373-Edward Hcmer adm. for estate of James C. rale 

Edward uomer Adm. for estate of Cecr t e IV. Elder. 

-arch 11,1873-Ge.orge F. Endioott sold his interest in his ^ath-ra -in 
to his brother Calvert Endicott. George going to Texas. 

fiarch 11,1873-dead-Jfamea Ramsey aged 70 years came to Posey Count- at an 
early date-leaves many descendants. ■ J n 

^ch,1873-Rev. Washington Curtis leaving and going to Kentucky disappoints 

March 11,1873-married on March G William V/illiams to Harriett Barter. 

D e ad-February21,1873-Agnss youngest dau/of J. v.. and Martha Davis 5mo.27da 
Kollie L. other daughter died -arch 18.1E73 both bui>i = H 

at Foseyville. ' "" ' " 

March-Richard Ramsey adm. for James Ramsey estate. 

Sii by^;:r en s:? s og rft! ricks Riff " 4 * ;ile £ - v - of M « *— * *«■ 

v:atSes! ,1£73 ' dead " :V " artha V;if ° ° f V - llliani K ' Sutton- dauo of late Judge 
March 28,1873-dead- James W. son^of J . V. '. and naehel Cosby aged 2yr .7mo 
April 1,1673-Dead-Sarah French at home of sister ..-ary Fretageot aged 45 yr. 
™T£R te;^to;?: ad - SanUel T ° id aeSd 5Z f0raall > 0f "« H — ny at Sardyvii 
February 24,1873-dead-Nancy McDerman aged 46 year. 

iviliiams'adl!^ 3 ' 3 ^ ^ ° f Ell2abeth n erbert S Smi th Township William 

April 1,1873-dead letters include Caroline Anderson 

April 5,1873-dead- n arry 17 mo. son of Henry and -ary Hayden . 

April 4,1873-dead-Mrs. Mary Bruner aged 57 of Hew Harmony at Louisville, Ky . 

Larch 10,1873-Sherriff's sales-John Rebeyre vs. Abigail Graham 

John 7.'. Robb vs. James and "'ary Bell Konarch. 

Juno Term of Court 1873-Change of Township line between Robb and Bethel 1'own. 

^y ff^ 73 ;,^ ar, ried AugustaWilliams and Rev. Henderson of Cynthiana . He «a« ' 
Christam Church preacher. ^ ' ' ne * as - 

page 3©^ 3 

November 17, 1872 -Dead-Kiss Julia Stephens aged 54 of Vanderburg Co. 

November 17, 187 2 -attachment of Valentine Schryock vs. George Hutchison 

anuary, 1873 -William ^ox seriously stabbed by Polk Wade, Cox recorted 
dying, .Wade left the country. 

1873-Fensi oners in town to sign vouchers for past quarter was Thomas Alison 
of Robo Township who came to Posey County in IMG-wounded at BoAible of 
Tippecanoe-aged 55 

Nov. 5, 1872 -Carried John Andersen and '"ary Wilson dau. of William Wilson. 

December 21, 1872-Edward homer adm. for estate of Julia Stephens 

December 24,1872->arried Silas Smith to ^ary Darling dau. of G .V. .Durling 

Robert Dunbar to Bettie Nclen 
Thomas Stallings to Martha dau. of .J .3 . Stallings 

1873-Z.J. Wade sentenced to Jeff ersonville for killing Hiram Baldwin uardenee 

Jan. 1873-Dead-Howard Dale eldest son of Eugene 'r . and Delia M. "y/en a.-d 3 
Henry F. fit ton aged 37 year. 

January 25, 1873-Sherriff's sale-Hichclas Shaphard tos .Jesse Hayes , William 
Hayes, James Kellinor, William J. Dallon, Clark Garris. 

January 25,1873-married Mr. W. C. Montgomery to Mary Eliza Jaquess 

January 15,1873-Dead in 53th year of age &' his residence in Clay Coun+"7 
Illinois on January 15,1373 John Johnson eldest surving son of Thomas':-'.' 
Johnson who canie here in 1815 from Franklin Countv.N.C. leaves wife 2 small 

January 19 ,1873-De _d-"artha Garris aged 73 years in Robb Township lived 
in Evansville v. hen only 3 houses hers was a log house 10 ft. square. 
She leaves a large number of children and other heirs. 

January 23,1873-Married J ames fianks and "ary Eliza Robinson 

January 26,1873-'"arried Washington Curtis to Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis 

February 2,1873-D e ad-George Cavett of Center Township 

February 2,1873-B#*a Carried William Franzman to Mary Holderbouer 

February 4,1873-Scott Davis sentenced for murder of George Graham for 93 vrs . 

Dead betters Feburary 1873-includes Keziah Anderson 

February 6,1873-married Thomas M. Pritchari to Mary ketcalf. 

March 13, 1873 -Edward n omer adm. for John Stoneberger Sr . estate. 

p«£e £¥ 


1373-List of people living at pcor farm in Robb Township run by Jonn 
Thompson . 

1. Granny Russell-old febble minded and bad sight from i^-arrs Twp. 10 yrs . 
2 .',' n . Donslly-Blind and ^eaf-Robb township 5 years . 
3. Milton Williams a mulatoo-in Sage-insane blind-Black Twp. 4 yrs. 
4.!,".rs. Belle Leslie-nae Daughtery a^od about 30 years well educated at 
best schools in Evansville blind, husband was a river boat pilot and was 
killed in a boiler explosion, she was rendered insane but when her mind 
returned she was blind. Black Twp . 5 years. 
5 .aA woman named DeCas ter-insane-Black Twp . 15 years. 
S.^argaret Peeler-oldest inma te-Karmo: y Twp. insane 2C years. 
, 7 .Sarah Crabtree-Robb Township aged 20 years given to fits. 
S.Dick Burris-Black Twp . simple minded been there S yrs. 

10 .Mr s . R a msey-Center aged resident but short time. 

11 .Miller Reno-Lynn aged 14 years been there since 7 years of age no hcrrs 
Also two baby boys one whose mother is dead, the other mother insane 

at Indianaplcis aslo others totaling about 40 persons in all. 

June 1873-Sherriff 's sale-Rebecca Herring vs. Elisha Herring 

May 25,1676-married Peter K. Clayton tc Margaret -ndico*t 

August 1872-Dead-Body of John ^arrison found near tot. Vernon shot and 
two trains ran over body. 

August 15,1672 -Edward Homer adm. for "ancy Avers estate. 

August 17,1; 72-dead-john M. Corwine in 40th year in Tenn. had been at II. H. 

September 7,1872-married George T. Berlin to Louisa Varner 

September 1672-Mr. T. R. V.'ilhite brought an' apple to town measuring 15§ 
inches round from trees of Elisha Herring. 

0ct.§3,l£72-Edward Homer adm. for Wilford Stallings estate sale held at 
Stallings home 1 mile S.V/. of Springfield. 

1872-i r o tressepassinj or. their lands, F. V.'. Li rchenberger , J. Pullyblank 
J . Corbin . 

September 27,1 C 72-List of Students perfect in lessons this past week, 
4 ' 4 ora Chadwick,Alice Helton, Lillie Fergus en ,Kollie Guile* t , Henry rf-lsop, 
Robert Cooper ,Dellla Schnee,John Kilbinger. Teachers C. V. Mills, Emily 
Fpgguson. There are periodically through 1372 lists of who had 
perfect grades . 

karch ITovember 9,1872-Sherriff s sale-August F. Youninger vs. -tarmelia 
Overton, Lucy, Sarah, Mary Ann, Elizabeth 51, Willis 0.,John H., and Melissa 
Overton lot 12 in Paris, Posey °ounty (Stewartsvi lie) 

1372-Esfcate &-*-«-&& sale-Jesse Kight, Thomas Kight, William T. Kight,Ezekiel 
Kight, Rosanna Lndicott, Mary J. Marshall, Sarah A. Marshall, '-ary E. Randeli 
Albert J. Rendell, and William Randell vs. Jonathan Kight. 

1872-James R. Collins adm. of '.'.'illiam T. Collins estate. 

July 20,lS72-dead-Horace Pri chard drowned in 24 year. 

July 15,1672-dead-Carolina C. wife of Josiah Warren in 78 th year. 

page M ^9 

August. :7,1872-Sherri:;f 's sale V.p.Bogeman adm. for estate of Kill! am -. 
Bozenan vs. Oliver E. Ellis, Prank M ,,Elnora, Richard M. and Alfred -. Ellis. 

August 7,1872-dead-Mrs . fifary Ann Noll in her 73 th year 

Augus t 11,1872-ma ried William Harnett to Caroline Wilhite Bethel Two. 

August 12,l£72-dead '"ary wife of V.'illiam Baldwin 

January 1874-dead-^agnus T. Carnahan- born Christian Co., Kentucky 1303 

February 5,l&74-dead- ttl ary inf. dau. of Peter and Rosa Heckman aged 13 da. 

■February 12,1874-A rr.ernorial by Stewar tsville ^od L e for Theaohiloi.s 5rov.n_. 

February 1874-D s ad-&rs . K. F. Cox, daughter Delia and a grown sen. Prom- 
inent at interment cf tors . Cox was her father "Old Jackv Roberts" who is 
over 90 years old. 

1374-Jchn L. '.'.heeler adm. for estate of William .Ycbley. 

u 'arch 24,lP74-dead- At Robb 's store in S tewartsvi lie an old "-an named 
Caroba of Gibson County. 

March 26,1874-married-"'ark A. Calvin and Ellen Lewis 

. Leander Defur and Pauline Lewis f- 

Samuel Spiljman and "'aria Endicott ",i 

December 15,1873-dead-Virgina T. Kenndy eldest dau. of H. G . ffetteltpn of 

Cincinnati form .-of Hew ^armory. 

Decemcer 15,1875-married V.'illiam P. Lichtehberger and Sarah A. White. 

December 13, 1873 -dead-Mrs . '-aria Anderson 3rd daughter of William and 
Cynzthia Wilson aged 25 yr . lmo. 15 da. 

1873 issues gives history of theafer in New n armony. 

1873-Elizabeth name cf Franklin Rief's wife. 

January 8,1874-married Charles "Ragan and Louisa Kemmerling . 

January 8,1674-dead-Mrs . Susan Broadwell aged 85 relent of Josiah Br oa dwell. 
George Woods aged 61 year 2 mo. 25 da. ' 

June ,1873-married Andrew C. Thomas of California to Eliza dau. cf Dr. R. 
Robs on,. 

1873-Dead-x-mnie wife of Felix Edmonds aged 2Syr . 2 children at Sebree Cltv '£.- 

June 21,1873-Sherriff s sale-John B. and "'ary ^ane Reynolds vs .James Lewis. 

June 10,1873-married James F. Whiting to Cordelia ^cv/e. 

June 5,1373-dead-Etta J. Killer in 35th year. 

June 14,1873-dead-Elizabeth wife of John Waley- 40 years eld. 

June 17,1873-dead-Eugenia Edwon only child of °ames 8. and Alice iv* . Cuyler 
a;;ed 5 vr . 

These items are taken from a series of articles written by Moses Johrisor. 
in 1672 and 1873. 

An old eentlerran who stayed at my house one night 35 years «**«g* ago 
told me he was one of the first early settlers east of the -abash River 
„IaZ vl arnei The first lb. of coffee he bought for his family In 
iSIaniVe gave '75 cents a lb. and the first calico dress for his wife 

^^mLe/as'well as the males dressed inskins from deer and other 
wild aniamals. Dressed deer skins were made into "frocks *s the* were 
termed and worn by the young ladies as well as their .others ^»».J 
Tallin s v .ho is now in his 64 th year and is living with ms son ..iJ-J-ia.u 
S*«n^ distinctly recalls the time in 1610 and 1811 when girls wors lea taw 
Socks -e sals that Miss -aoadoo his brother John's first wife wore deer 
skin ciothing and indeec it was all they could until they raised the mat- 
erial and manfactured it. When this marriage took lace t^e had to *«« 
the trip for the licence through a heavy dense tinoered forest to Vinc=ces 
without any road save an* Indiana trail. This was one of tne first »edain t . 
to take olace within the p-esent limits of Fosey county and was celebratac 
in the old Jashion style with a delicious dinner of roast vfenscn and 
turkey and a little pound cake made with Indiana meal made for corn poundec 
ii a .ooden mortor and a fandango at night. The weeding took Pl«e at 
Mlliami^acadoo's who was the first settle, en a small creek a little west 
of Springfield which was named "acadoo s creek. 

A mill was run en th* Cut Off Island prior to the Rappites coming by 
John Warrick "athionel Swing and Thomas jOhnes . Haey entered the land in 
June* on r thf'lth,1810. Warrick cane in 1811. Wh en the Germans purcnasea 

the mill in 1614 they changed it from corn mill to flour mill. 

John P. Phillips entered the N.f of_Section 29, October ^811 The nest 
ai-arter was -ntered by -eander Defur February 13,1910. me u... . u- 
section 20 by Somas Robb in 1513. The S A - 4 of section 17 by Robert 
lllen ?n 1809/ The H.v:.* of secticn_17 by/.illiam elson in 1899 
John Waller settled II --.-ction 3 jn 1807-1808 ^'- ^»£££ s J pt . 

?1819 John Jailer at same time entered the rest of the sect on(land m 
1873 ownedl by John h. Robb, David Waller, and George A. Barrett) .1..... 
section 2 entered by m axwell Jolly July 11,1811. Surveyer John Cox was 
one of the early settlers in the vincitv of Etewartsville. Ke settled 
the N.V . \ of Section 15 in 1811 this tract lies 3/4 of a mile west of 
town and is now owned by George Kyne and F.A. Hume. The place ncv, occ pie; 
by Jermiah Williams being the S.W.J of section 22 was settled in 1810 by 
Samuel Kurphrey. -"his place is situated t mile ".'»'.. of "Bigtown" . (host 
of these land entries were in Robb Township) 

Black Riyer was calle Scippio Creek in 1806 by the Goverment Surveyers . 
The first settler in the immediate vicinty of Poseyville was Joseph Montg- 
omery, Febur a ry 5,1810 the N.V. .v of section 16. Jonathan Jaquess entered 
the other 3/4" in the soring of 1811. Jaquess also entered the N.E.J and 
the 3.v;.^ of section 7~ in 1811. The IT .W.J of section 8 was entered by ^am- 
Moutrie march 10,1810. The S.V'.J of section 7 by Joshua Overton ""arch 
12,1810. The S.E.i of section 20 was settled by Elsberry Armst ong in 161 
it adjoined the Endicott estate. The N,E.J of section 1? by Joshua Overtc: 
January 2,1816. November 4,1310 Joseph Harris entered the S.E.t of sectic- 
28. The last two were near the trail used by Yinncences travelers going 
south to the Ohio River and Diamond Island crossing. Qj^L W.->- •/ '■' 3 

page m ^j 

I Ignatious ^evitt and ttl athias I\'ounts entered '''arch 2,1811 part of section 
25. John Gresha-n er.terd land the S.W.-J of section 31. Lewis Allen enterd 
in section 32. Issac Vhite entered in 1807 the S.W.J of section 34 
now occupied by Samuel Cartwright. At the sane time he aslo entered the 
S.E.^ of section 34 now occupied by James Overton wiecbw and others. Ji ug . 
9,1808 -he also entered the N.V».J of section 34 . This last tract contained 
a very find spring of fresh punning water where at a little later period 
he errect a distillery. This became quite a place of resort. Here is 
where our old friend '.'.right Stallings erected a fort for protection against 
hostile red-skins in the War of 1812 .(Military records say that this,. fort 
was ordered about 1803) !hese entrieds are in harmony Twp . 2cA'k 0-i../:.^i. 

The Saline Road was first road laid out in ^.Western Ind ana went trhough 
and by J-ssac White's settlement crossing the big '.'.'abash some distance below 
where Hew Harmony now stands. Ke believes it was laid cut around 1504. 

William Stallings entered the N.Z.J section 31. (Harmony Township") 
Samuel James N.'«V.- 4 section 3 Robb Township . James also entered land 
in harmony township part of which was bought oy his son in law i.oses 
Stallings. James alien entered land October 6,1513. 

Margaret Rook entered Kay 18,1814 the S.E.J of Section 28 u arraony township 
This woman was a widow her husband having been killed in Indiana by lighten 
ing . She later married Joseph Price who died 1843 in his 36th year. 
The NiS. J of section 23 entered July 7,1814 oy -"-gnatious Levitt who lived 
and died en i t . It is now owned and occupied by -"-ssac Anderson and heirs 
of Joseph Cox. The N.W.J of section 27 was entered by William nogers who 
married a daughter of Margaret Rooks. Now owned by Elijah 8avis and Luther 
Robinson. Shadrack Stallings entered the S .1,7.4 of section 27 in harmony 
township whicle living in Logan ^ounty, Kentucky the land is now owned by 
Enoch Hancock. 

All the Knox County records we e destroyed in 1814 by fire(apparently 
not all for I have some 1812 and 1613 marriage records). The athionel 
Ewing frequently mentioned in records the same as the one in n armony 
township. A tornado that was extremely distructive went t rough Posey 
Sounty June 4,1814. lilt southern Foeyey and northern Gibson around 

William Frice entered in section 21 township 4 in September 26,1314 as 
did Thomas Rogers. Also in section 21 In Robb township John Crab±Bee©nt8i*£ 
entered Septembere6,l£14 . Here was located "The Bring Spring Inhere 
the 4th of July celebrations were held. A contest was held each year 
to see which ran could kill the most squirrels! after which a chowder was 
made . 

The IT .'/■:.• J of section 21 was entered by "ichard 1J -arris February 15, 
1815 . 

Samuel James also entered August 2,1814 the rest of section 3 in Hobb 
Township, '.'.'right Stallings also entered in section 10 and 35 in Harmony 
and section 17 in Robb. In 1616 he entered the land where he lived and 
died. In 1811 he built the first flat boat ever launched at New ^armory 
for John Gresham who, intended to take it south but the big earthquakes 
of 1811 scared him so that his father-in-law loaded it with pork and 
other oroduce and took it. John Gresham 's father-in-law was William Kacadcc 

pa fc e 


Smith Township landentries were made by Sir. on Williams March 28,1814 
who entered the N.W.J of section 14. The N.E. s-#$t-£-eftw<>£^ of suction 
14 was entered by Jonathan °aquess October 6,1815. C-eorge and 5enett 
Williams entered December 26,1814 the N.W.| of sectior 14. The S.W.-] of 
section 15 was entered by V. ill.' am Downey December 24, If 14 and in June 
of 1S15" he entered the S.E.3 of section 15. Lewis '..illiams ente -ed the 
S.E.-| of section 12 August 19,1817. The IT.W.'.] of section 12. was entered 
November 22,1822 by William Smith. Thomas McClure entered arch 10,1815 
the S.V..-; of se?ticn 10 now owned by J.G. Nesbit sr.; the ground entored 
by John Tilth September 16th, 1515 is now owned by J .F .7 illiams ,'. illiam 
Endicott and ^ames Gale. Cl£ 

Clement Estes entered the IT.™' .f of section 17 in Robb Township. Also 
entering ground near here were Benjamin and Henry J. Venclable, "'right 
Stallings, and Lewis Wilson who ent red some June 13,1517 and aided to it 
in 1829 Other Robb Township entries were made by George Barrett the S.S. 
P of section 14 September 24,1614. The N.E. \ of section 23 by John Gv.altr.e3 
November 3,1615. John Y.aller entered the S.V.'.| of section 23, January 21, 
1817 .J esse Cox entered the S.W./5 of section 24, October 7,1815. The 
N.W.J of section 25 was entered by Elizekiel "-ight. The other ground 
was entered by the Germans. Langston Drew and Leander Defur "entered in 
•section 20 in Robb Township (Drew later sold part of his to Germans). 
Thomas Owens entered in the immediate area in 1=14(1873 Stinnett Ground) 
and Jesse Britton entered ground December 4,1615(i'cw Demberger ) 

In Harmony township John Greshara entered land October 1,1807 and rented 
land to '..right St-llings in 1610. Lewis A len and eld bachelor also 
entered land the 12th of July ,1509. On June 24,1615 Robert Randolph entered 
the N.W.i of section 35. The N.E. 4 of section 54 was entered by Thomas 
Randolph ;>.ay 25,1814. The balance of section 34 was entered by "'"ssac White 
and the Germans . 

Land entries' at lJ ew .Baltimore were James Allen November l£19,Dabhoy 
Brooks , January 5,1615 and Gillson Price February 20,1818. These three 
men were from North Carclina. The rest of the ground at New Baltimore 
belonged to the Germans . 

Other harmony township land entries were May 17,1814 by John Rogers 
son of Old Thomas Rogers the N.E.I of section 3. Jesse Stallings entered 
the N.E.} of section 10. 

page Sfc 24 
June 22,1873-dead-Arthur E. Infant sen of J .'« . and ■ LJ .A. Miller 

July 3,1873-dead-At tho residence of John P. Bennett, Maude youngest daughter 

of Felix and Ann Edmonds aged 2 years . 

1873-Sherriff s sale-John Cooper Jr. vs. Thomas Ferguson, Mary Ferguson, 
D q niel J >» . Ilettleton, Clara Nettleton, Wilson Alsop and Lucy rtlsop. 

TJovember 18,1873-Marri :d at M.E. Church at Stev.artsville Kiss Amanda dau. 
cf Jcsiah Defur no na:r.e cf groom. 

1873-Sherriff s Sale-Thomas C. "ajuess and V.'illiam Defur vs. James and 
Keziah Lewis . 

November 30,1873 married Howard Johnscn and »>»ary Davis. 

Ocjobet 17,1373-married Christopher C. Wilson and Annie P. dau. of ".T.Stepht 

October 14,1373-married John p. Uhl and Caroline Lesz. 

October 25,1873-married Charles Ma lone and Mrs. Mary E. Hamilton - lyyjo 

October 27,1873-married Henry Schaffer and Mary Filiingim 

September 8,1867-married John C. Price to Martha Guliett. 

August 23,1873-dead-John Cooper Jr. August 23,1573 

dead-Ann Birkbeck August 26,1873 aged 74 year. 

deadOSamuel of Pike u ounty, Indiana grandson of Thomas 

Almon of Robb Tov.nship hung himself, nged 21 yr married. 

August 22 ,1873 -dead-John Giteens aged 58 years. 

September 1,1873-dead-Susanah Johnson aged 57 years daughter of Urban 
Williams born in "ardin Co, Kentucky and married 1837 to John Johnson who 
died 1S51 she leaves 5 children. 

September L ,1873-dead-Alexander Burns aged 84 ye^rs . 

September 9,1873-dead-V'illiam Schnee aged 57 years 

deal Morris Smith 4 ye r old son of Frank and x -ate Smith 
dead V.'illiam K. son of J.B. and Mary Gardiner aged 22 

September 21,1873-dead-Sarah Lowry relect of V.'illiam J. Loury 63th year . 

September ,1873-Margaret Mounts adm. for William Mounts estate. 

September 27 . ;873-<ffead-John Jordan Richards aged 55 years 

September C.,1573-marri I'd Jefferson -'. Knight and -llsn '"cC-illen 

July 7,1873-dead-Qhomas Gv.-laltney died at his residence in Robb Townshf .. 
He born in M. Carolina and emigrated to Indiana nearly 60 years ago. 
Entered land on. which he lived and died, ^m ember to Bapts . church for 52yr 

page W_5 b 

August 1,1873-dead-Ella ".'."hea tcraf t dau. of William and f"ary "/heatcraft 
of Grayville.,Jlllnois a t ed 3 yr . lmo. 

August 5,1673-married James E. Calvin and m argaret Kine. 

August 22,1 73-dead-Kelen M. wife of J.D. Owen aged 23 yr . 

dead-Hattle Klecnklaus aged 25 at "az el ton, Indiana had lived 

at New "arr.ony . 
dead-William Oman a^.ed 54 years in J^ynn x ov«'nship . . 

v;'T" T <2 i" kar] :" v -vy; 

Arms tr on, , Francis 

IAls op,Y lis on 
And er s on , 3 en j a min 
Anders on, ->-saac 
Ax ton, Enoch 
Axton, Presley 
Anders on, Eliakim 
Arms tr ong.,'.'. illiam 
Axton, Thomas 
Arthur ,S q muel 
AndErscn, J - , ev;is 
Almond ,V illiam J . 
Allison, hcv.ard 
Anderson,'.'.' .J . 

Beal , George I . 
Bor en , .James C. 
Bolton, Francis 
Burrows ,iiugh 
Burns, Alexander 
Bernett, '.'.illiam M. 
Baldwin ,Abraham 
Baldwin, Edwin 
B enn e 1 1 , J ohn t . 
Bennett , 
Baldwin, V.'illiam 3r., 
Brooks ,L.D. 
3r o oks , Ri cha r a 
Burrows ,John 
Barthelemev.' , x sadore 
Baker , Peter 
Barrett, Joseph A . 
Britton,'- ill' am u . 
3 ily, Benjamin I,'.. 
Bur ton, John '.'. . 
B a ily ,Eli jah 
Bally, Elis ha 
Bolton, Samuel 
Bur rows /anes 
Bar ke, Luke A . 
Barr, Henry J . 
Burnett, J ohn 
B^p'^n, George 
Bushcney,! erry? 

SHIP PI 1867 
Cijiyler , James B. 
Carr,'.' ill;' am 
Cox, Edward T. 
Chadwick, Charles 
Cami , J aqucss 
Cooper ,J o'r.n Jr . 
Chappellsmi th, John 
Chaff in, Lye urgus 
Clara ,John 
Clay ton, Peter 
Cross ,V:'illiam 
Coopin George 
Cooper , John ^r . 
Coxj^ames K. 
Carhahan,iV.agnus T. 
C ox , J ohn E . 
Cothorn, John 
Cook, John 
Cox, Joshua 
C©r nick, John 
Cooper , James 
Chi sm, Richard 
Cartwright, I resely 
Cartw right, Samuel 
Corbin, John 
Cooler jPasid C, 
Chaff in, James 
Coper ,V. .H. (Cooper ) 
Car twright, V .:■" . 
Cooper , Tho nas 
Corhin,'.' illiam 

Duclos , Victor 
Davis, J ames 
Duclos , Peter 
Driggers,A v sl 
Dinger ,F'ranci 
Downs , SP.adra 
Defur , Isaiah 
Davis, Eli jah 
Dransfield, Ch 
D a ley, J ohn 
Duclos, J onn C 
Dietz , George 
D a mon,U .C- . 
Defur, Samuel 
Downs , J c hn 



l r le s 

Echard,E .3 . 
Ellict,JoP,n 3. 
Edmonds , Villi am H. 
L's tes ,3artlet 
Estes ,Vardeman 
Endicott , Samuel S. 
Engler ,G=,or f e V. . 
Estes , Fielding 
Evans, Eli 
Estes ,John 
Edwards , Vincent 
Endicott, Sylv ester 
Endicott , John a. 

Franznan, '."illiam 
„>F er ^ u s on , Th oma s 

Faunt Le Roy , '.'.illiam 

Fisher ,Alber t 

Fr iedle,C e orge 

Franklin, Jasper 

Fretogeot,Ac'nilles E. 
» " H, 

Fitton,Kenry F. 

^-Fergus on,Asberry 

Fi 1 ling im, T/iltch 

Farren, ''illiam 

Fr e ema n , J esse 


F=, Daniel 

Feathers tone , Charles 

Fi t zg er a Id , J ohn 

Fisher , Tneodcre 

Ford,'.' illiam 

Ford,R:' chard 

Finn ell ,3en jamin 

File,V.'ilIiam P. 

F Ir, Edv« ra 

Fxtzgarala,- cms on 

C-i v ens , J ohn £ r . 

C-ullett, Robert 

Gentry, Resin 

Givens ,Jchn Jr . 

Gr ub , J ohn 

Grub, Jacob 

Graddy,G orge V. . 

Grant, Jofin_ •■ . 

Givens, Dennis 

Gr o env;a Id , Lewi s 

Kol land ,An thony 
Holton, William K. 
Hugo,Jenkin 1'. 
" , William H. 
Heoknan, Peter 
Ha yd en, Henry 
Husbands, James 
H^r ten, Henry 
Hugo, John R. 
Hinkley ,Otis Sr , 
" - jr. 
Husbands, G o or£e 
Homer, Richard 
Hanks, William 
Hungate,Za chariah 
Hardy, Hlisha 
n a no ock , J n rd on 
Keck, Joseph 
Harris ,Samuel 
Hinnan, John u . 
Homer , Edward 
•"-ackettjG orge 
" Ephram 

n ancock,3enja.: in 
Hunter , James 
Hume, William 
Hancock, Enoch 
Hunter , John 
Harpool, Hardy K. 
Hunga te, Charles 
Horn, Andrew 
Kins den, Henry 
Hoffman, V.i liis 
Hodges, J ames 3. 
Hotter ,Mar tin 
Holland, Carder 
Hill, Albert 
Hornbrook, Ri c hards 
Husbands , Henry 
Hens on, Jane s 
Kungate, 1 . illiam 
Ear tman,Wi Ilia 
Hinman, Willi am 
Hughes , John 
Hens ley , J os e ph 

J ohn s on , Ja m e s T . T . 

" Jaseer 

Jackson, Jer.a than ? 

" Jonathan 

Johnson, Cami 

" Moses 

" Ellas 

" Sylvester 

Jones, John D. 
Jaquess ,V. illiam K* <r 1 
Johns on, J ohn d. 
Ja cks on , Hyr en 

" .Monroe 

Jones ,A .B . 

Kins low, Eli as 3. 

KilMn t er , John 

Kliople , Phi Hip 

Kemsrling, Charles 

Knock, Hi chola s 

Lyon, J air: es 

Leeding ,'.' illiam 

Lichtenberger , Fr ed 

" Lafayett 

" George K 

" Adam 

" Washing t 


Lance, James 

Killicn, a than 

Luttrell, George S. 


Mumf ord , Th oma s 




, Vi c t or G . 




Julius C. 

Myers , 



J e r om e 

ft" ur phy 

, Edward 


,Monr ee 


, George 


re,'"ar: on 


V.i Hi am 

Me ore, 

J ohn «T . 




Id, Thomas 


,V. ill: am 


.s . 




11, George 

M anker 

, JJm 

Neu, William 
Neltel on, Daniel 
II e 1 s on , «- T er mi ah 
Nash,'.. ill am C. 
John t* . 
Neal, Daniel 
" , James M. 

Nor the at t , John 

Oi Neal, John 
Overton, 3 .E .E . 
Owen, Horace 

" Alfred D. 

" Julian 

" Eugend 

" Richard 

" Robert D le 

" William " 

Pis ely, Joseph 
" ' Ihomas 

Preaus, J p hn 
Perkey ,Freder: ck 
el earl, Jeff er 
Pr e tch , Char 1 3 s 
1 addock, George 
oSJul ly blank , Fr ed er i ck 
Pf eis ter ,Micheal 
Pote, Henry 
" Thomas 
" Maurice 
Phillips , James R. 
Pf eis ter , Franc is L. 
" Joseph 

" Francis 

Phillips , John 
Pritchard, Horace 

".ill- am F. 
" William S. 

Pullyblank,John Sr . 
Pendleton , Janes B. 
Fen fold, Abraham 
Pelham, Louis 
Perkins , James V. . 
Pendleton, D vid 
Price, Isaac " 

" William PI. 
" John C 
Pain, Charles 
Plummer , Jeremiah 
Parley, William 

Q.u inn, Ed ward 

Robs on, Richard 
" Thomas' 

" John P. 
"- Robert 

Randolph, James T. 
" David 


"Ruchti, Jacob 

" frederick 
» Fleasant 

Read,'.' illiam 

R a wlings_,"ames V. . 

■Rogers, r. 1 J. 

"Robins on, Henry ?. 

Ri c ha r d s on , Th orna s 


Richards, Joshua 
" John J 

Reaves , 


Steffen, Charles 
Smith, Gilbert J/.. 

" Robert 
" l.ichael 
" Janes 
" Frank 
" '/"ill:" am 
" James H. 
" John 3. 
Snelling Benjamin 

" ^ncob 

Samps on, James 
" Silas 

" Gilbert 

" "David l\. . 

" Ira L. 

" "illiam 

" Cyrus 

" Henry > 

" Simeon 

S chaff e r, Henry 
" V.'illiam. 

" , George 

" Frederick 

" Godfrey 

S turn, All en 
S ay r o c k , V a 1 en tine 
" Henry C . 

" James 

" Moces 

" '.'.'illiam Vi 

" Edv;in 

" Francis '<■ 

" Aaron 

V. ill: am 



11, Jacob 
V illi-m 
,John T. 



S op er 

Skceters , Joseph, Joseph 
Stamps , Richar i 
Stoker ,L.D. 
Stillwell/v .0. 
Stillv.-ell, 1 ' illiam 
Sanders, J ohn T. 
" Y.illian 

Shepherd, Janes 
" - ohn 

" William 

Staley ,John 
Snarr, Henry 
Slater , Charles V.. 
Stevens ,'.' .3 . 
Sorg, Joseph 
Schmitt,"' endel 
Stoker , Art' ur 
Savage, John 
Stewart,! eter 
Schoene,Ai:gu st^ 
Sherv cod ,Joel ? . 
Twigg, V ill iarr. a . 

M I' 

" Robert D. 
* Thrall, Albert IT. 
" V alter E. 
" Eugene S . 
Tr us cott, David 
Tr e tha v, a y , C- e or g e 
Thrailkill, esse 
Taylor ,Car.a ida 
n " John V. . 

" George E. 

" V.'illiam 

" Elisha 

Tucker , Joseph 
Travis .Joseph A . 

Upton, Chester 

V a rner ,Asbury 
" Thomas 
V a nderverer ,V.illit 
esley " Thomas 

" E . V . 

Vara, Joseph 
11 Charles 

V'illiams ,Andr ev: 
" George 

" J ona than 

" L e'« i s 

" George I 

" J ohn 

" John D. 

E V.'illiam '. 

" John • . 

page S 
V. is lev , Richard H. 

" " J ohn S . 
V: ocdhum,John 
Warren, Joseph 
V/heatcraf t,John C 
White, David 

" Alfred 

" George L. 

" Franklin 
Wagner , Philip 
V. oods, George 
Wilson ,Y. right 

" David 
V'orls ,V illiam 
Wa ts on , J ohn '< . 
Wllheater, George 
Whitehead, John 5 
W i 1 k in s on , J ohn 

" James 

v, 'oods on/." .V . 
SrM'arr en, V.'illiam 
Jr .'. allace, James 


Additions to voters li 
Cox, V illiam 
Cooper , Janes K _ 
Cleveland, Reni ' 
Damon, Lyman 
Dvidcsn, Robert 
Gwaltney, asper 
Gwaltney, Andrew 
Ingers el, Edward 
Knight, E.S . 
Lewis , Wesley 
Lindsey,John ¥ m 
Lindsay, R.K • 
Killer, K. '' . 
J ( . organ, as, er 
taanchec, Robert 
Saltzman,John \ . 
i Seif, Francis 
Q'Qell, James 
0' Dell, James Jr. 

•The regis tors were 
Nelson Helen, James Car 
and Alfred D. Gwen. 

cage ® 

„ • *' ^ 

.also taken from Moses Johnson writtin s, x he rest of section 24 Robb Twp , 

oi-tsidc of what Jesse Cox entered was entered by the Rappltes also part of 

lection 25,25, and 23 v.'ere entered by Raptites. The Rappites eilerea all of 

section 33 and 3/4 of secticn32. The Variables entered in Rcbb Twp. sectior 35 

the II.E.y. The N.W. i of section 3S in Hobo Township by V.'right Stallings the 

Cj&«. : . of 35 Robb Township by Lewis V.ilson. 

1873 -Mentions Sugar Grove school in western ^obb Township-childr ening att&ndin^ 
viere the Boyles ,D q ley ,II h ne , Robb, Reeves, Heckman . 

1873-a.llen school with 3.F. Adams teacher in hills north and west of S tew-r tsville . 

fcarch 14 ,1874-"' ctice of corner s inquest for the murder of John Stein aged 85 
found in '.'.abash River February 22,1874. 

April 17,1874-Josiah Calvin Vs. Esther Lunar., Joseph V. . calvin,Annna C a lvin,Anna F. 
Calvin, Ada C a lvin,"-ary". j . . Calvin, LouisaCalvin, V illiani Calvin petition to sell land 

■arch 9, 1874 -Thomas P. Price vs, John ^.R. Price. John W. Anderson and J .a . 
Barrett bail . 

May 16,1874-Sale of PEsles ta te-V iiliam Calvin and Margaret Calvin vs .Amelia 
Delaschmit and ethers. 

April 28,1874-married William Als op and Catherine franklin. 

April 15,1874-dead-Josiah ■ arren at Charles town, ""ass . 75 yr . father of George 

teay 16, 187 4 -Willi am Defur files bankruptcy notice. 

""ay 16 ,1874 -married Edward Hyat and Eamline Hurst. 

""ay 16,1874-Divorce-Elizabeth Hope vs. George H. Hope. 

""■ay 18,1874-A nan named Overton killed in cave in ina well about 3 mile above 
Stewar tsviiLe buried next day at Stewar tsville. 

Ky 18, 1574- Drowned Henry Shultz aged 35 of Robb Township no immediate family. 

June 1874-dead letter at New Harmony for Lydia A. Rose. 

June 8,1874-Dead-Minnie Wis ley aged 3 months. 

1874-7,'right Stallings signs road petition for change of road in Center Township. 
(This is either a son or grandson of the old V.'right Stallings) 

June 15, 1874-:;: os es Johnson dead prior to this date. 

June 24,1874-dead-Mrs . Louisa Salzman aged 54. 

July 9,1874-Talbert Drake sick no chance of recovery. . * 

July 3 ,1874-Sherrif f s Sale-Fenn. Life Insu" ance Co. vs. John rt .R. and Elizabeth 

Price . 

page m 3s 
August 13,1874-1,'. oses Johnson Sale-Edward Homer adm. 

1874-an article enti tled' ,ij ong ngo M - mentions when John Pennecp&cker and 
Lndicott had regular Saturday night fights, '.'.hen houis Pelham was brutally 
murdered, ".hen Zeb '"cPike Brown. When John Frenches brother shot ! imself . 

O^n iJ ed Waddle s father died and Masons cane all the way from Vincence to 
.^ry him. The wri tter goes on to say he can recall last person buried in" the 
old graveyard am that lane as you go to the Cut-off Perry. n e can recall the 
first person buried in the new graveyard on the hill when Jake Staley was the 
gravedigger . 'Ihese were in a letter written to VictorDuclos from an unknown 
friend who had seen some shipping bills addressed to Ducios at Cincinnati. No 
name was written on the note only saying he was an eld friend. 

August l,l£74-dead-li ttle child of Franklin "nowles in buggy accident in Gibson 
County. Child about 2 years of age. 

July 31 ,1874- dead-Catherine Killer aged 81 a resident of Posey County for oast 
55 years at the home of her sen Rev. K.R. Miller. 

July 31,1874-dead-Nellie Gertrude only dau. of C. W. and ^rlene kills lyr.4mo.17da 

August l,1674-dead-"Rachel daughter of George and "r.n WHsey 8 months. 

August, 1874-A son of ^ames S. Stallings aged 15 fatally inured. 

September 7,1S74-Sale of J-'ewis Fitzgerald estate-^ames E. Johnson adm. 

August 12,1874-married Henry F. Feter and Sarah S. mathers . 

October 1,1874-dead-Krs . '"ary ^a thews aged 50 yr . 

October 8,1874-marrisd John T. Sopher and Julia E. u sborne . 

October 24 ,1874-dead-V.illiam Baldwin aged 55 yr . 

October 29,1874-married-Arthur Dransfield and Jeannette A. Bennett. 

November 20,1874-dead-V.i lliamscn Terrell Erwin aged 31 yr . ?< r . .E. preacher 

November 30,1874-married-John Fullyblank Sr . to "ts. Elizabeth Hope 

December 26,1874-Sherriff s sale-Peter Kivett adm. of Abigail Wilson estate vs 
Archibald Allen, Jane Alien, and ames L. Allen. 

December 26,1874-Sherriff s Sale-Ephriam Edward vs . J ames H. Gwaltnev and Ezekiel 

December 5,1874-dead-Samuel K . ri arvey aged 25 a native of England. 

December 5,1874-dead-John K. Chaffin aged 75 years. 

December 11,1874-dead-Sarah Green Humphreys agsd 77. 

December 31,1374-narried Dredrick L. Rutchi and Mary Cole- 

K57 5 -January issues list a tremendious amount of nroperty listed under unsaid 

page »2l 
■S75- J anuary-Edward Homer adm. for Isiah Nelson, White County, Illinois . 

1875-Lucinda name of Janes Lycns wife 

j^ruary 22,1875-Sale of Charles Ran tie estate -Issac Price adm. 

March 6,1875-Sherri f's Sale-Virgil P. Bozeman vs. Lewis S. Rose, James Lewis 
Rose and Ulysses Grant Rose. 2 acres in Cynthiana . Cornering old graveyard. 

March 6,1875-Estate of Sarah E. Flaharts? with Samuel Griffin adm. 

Karch 6,1875-Estate sale of Millie James Edward Homer adm. 

February 10,1875-married V.illiam H. Kripke and Rosa Heckman . 

February 18,1875-married Thomas Smith K.D. and Cella M. Schnee 

March 17,1875-married Benjamin Y.adkins ana Berthina C. Baker. 

April 24,1875-Sherrif f 's Sale-John G. Young vs. Joseph Showers and Mercy Showers 
also ground that Showers sold to Henry Swond( should be Sword) 

April 14,1875-married at Washington Co, Illinois V/.F. Gray of 11. H. and Emily 0. 
Srai th . 

1875-Death Notice of Mrs. Ann Maidlcw of Evans vi lie. 

April 5,1826-maTied Robert Robson and Eliza E. Farvin of Princeton. This was 
taken from the lg75 paper which was reprinting items of interest from the 1826 its: 

June, 1875-Ea than Allen Johnson came to Albion about 1820. r *e came first to 
Kentucky after the of 1812 N Eathen Allen was married twice an: died Feb. 12, 
1789 at the age of 50 years. Eathen Allen Johnson was a grandson of -a then Allen. 

1875-James Demree manager of Poor Farm had brother in Saline County , Crete ,-"ebr . 
also had relation in Dunklin County , Mississippi . 


July 10,1875-Tells of Robert Dale -Kens insanity. 

July 4,16 75-dead-Jona than Jackson aged 66 years. 

July 11,1875-Kore about Owens state of health. 

July, 187 o-Milk sickness in Lynn township. 

August 4,1875-doad-Kary Alice 18 year old and 3rd dau. of Dr .V/nuM . Eoltcn . 

|sig«-::-£ : ocas-;--£n-::i-8£a-::-«-R(a-:.-l&'5:&-:-.i-iii-;:- 

Hftghfe-.:- Huge floods in August in 1823 and 1875. In 1875 water was so deep down 
Main Street of New Harmony boats were used, ''"any compelled to leave town for 
higher ground. 

August 14,1875-dead-William E. Fritchard at Burks Parie, Illinois 53 yr . 

August 29,1875-dead-Y.illiam Stillwell aged 89 years. 

£fr;.ust 29 ,1c 75-dead-James L. V/hitson aged 71 years. 

September 1,1875-dead Fredrick son of Frank C. and Emma V.ilsey aged 11 mo. 

P £ C e m 37 

8 75-St. George Hotel in Stewartsville at Main and Gypsum Street. 

o -,— A* a A kgn A DpvIs born in Thomoson ,'"aine December 7,1825 a. 
''SIS* f^'SsonT ihe vis burKd at Hew ~armony will be moved east in late 



27,lt75-dead-Villiam Virgil 16 y« old son of Job, 3. and Helen 

September 2S.lB75-dead-Cb.rlea L. 9 mo. son of Casey and Lousiana Terry. 

1&75-A John Rldenour mentioned in fair prize list. 

October l, . K White ,ife of =eor t e V.. L. nit. a t ed 63 dau. or 

Joseph and Emily rauntleroy. 

October 4,1',75-dead-Stephen Fitzgerald Jr. aged 28 at Phillips town.Illinois . 

October 1875-dead both living in Harmon, Unship at time of death, Benjamin "anccck 

aged 78 and John Roberts aged about 104. 

October 25,1375-dead-John H. Blackburn aged 23 yr . 

December 4,1E75-Sherrif f ■■ sale-John Cooper Jr. estate bs . John Ausley >artha 

Ausley, and J-sadore Barthalemy. 

December 11,187-5-^state of Edmcnd Norris-Edward H^mer Adm. 

December 18,1875-Estate sale of John "oberts-Thomas Roberts adm. 

December 18,1.75-dead- At Phillipstown, Illinois Ezekial «ussell aged near SO and 

November 25,1675 date of letter -^- J^^^f ^ ^SaV^'came to 
that instead of being 80 years of age E "*J e £ *£" el ^J P 6°J a kll i e d by a mob 
Carisle, Indiana in 1816 with a fami ly na £* * a £ e ^ UB6 Jg£ n J and Russell went 
in 1819 and shortly afterwards his »^ e M ^ J? ^S in 1824 . He ^Russell) married 
to live with Rogers father who came to New ^rmonj in lb*^ ■ * Klss Johnsor . 
first Thersa Filbert and had one son James Rus.ell. ^cona 1£75> 

£"«■' ^te^huntHnd ^enlamoufvLVorl earned .anted to go on a hunt 

he was called upon to be tne guide. 

lovombsr 27,1375-dead-'Iovernber 27 .Walter Ed. Thrall aged 58 yr . 

November 25,1875-dead-Carried aged lyr . lmo.16 da. old dau. of Leopold and Emma 

Aahn . 

mill blew up at Olson's near Springfield-killed Thomas Kelson 

fUvv ember, 187 5-Sa\. . 

and Sol. *nlow-Butler Stephens injured. 

December 3,1875-married-Arthur Crigsby and Salina Reevs . • 
fcre^e are informed that'a la ly living near Liberty .White County .Illinois ^ave 
$ZlZ to " cMl"en with in 10 months. She was a former resident of 5 sey,.o.. 

■here her "father served in the State legislature. 

page ®R -70 

July 28,1S76-In an article written by T.M . Weaver tc be read at a celebration 
at Poseyville. It consists of almost two pages and I have taken only the parts 
containing the names of the early settlers and places. 

The first tv.o settlers in Robb Township were Joshua Overton who settled on what 
#5 how the Garrison Jaquess Farm and Joseph Montgomery on the A.C.°acuess farm. 
DOth cane about 1808. (This is the same as Goodspeed's History but isn't quite 
correct they were the first two in the immediate area of Poseyville not Robb 
township) About 1812 the following came Nathan Leavi tt, J ames Murphy, John Gwaltney 
Ezekiel Xight, Jesse Cox and Legrove Bennett. In 1815 a group of 46 Kentuckians 
came of whom only 15 are still alive in 1876. (This was the Casey, Endicott/aquess, 
Eaton, and Ferguson settlement). 

These came at a later date around 1613-John Oglesby, Christopher Ashwcr th, James 
I our try, El lis on Cale, Thomas Berrett, John Schradsr, James Ilesbi t,William Reeves 
and James Weaver. 

Zebru.a Foote surveyed the land in 1805 he stayed at the house of Walter Montgomc-: 
ry in April 29,1806 and was drowned the following day. l.aior James Smith later 
did some surveying. Br. Enoch Jones was the first doctor at Cynthiana . First 
doctor in the county was D r . Smith a Rappite doctor. 

The first mills in this area were Warricks on the Cutt-Qff on the Y.abash, Creeks 
on Black River, one at Patoka and Heegley's mill on Fegeon Creek at Evans ville. 
lost of the early grinding was done by horse power en stumps. Br. Church had 
one where the M.E. Church stood in 1B75. These also had stump mills-James Murphy 
Joseph Robinson, Joseph Was son, Willi am Rodgers and Thomas Alcorn. 

Col. William Casey represented the settlement in govern ormental affairs serving 
in the legeslature. He was a highly educated man and possessed a high and noble 
mind although he was no speechi maker . 

John Dooks was also an early settler at Poseyville. Adam Fisher, Br. T.B. John- 
lion, Benjamin Weaver, and Jonathan S.Jaquess were also early settlers. frioifc to 
the opening of a store by d onathan Jaquess the settlers had to travel to 
Cynthiana where stores were run by William V.'hitting, William Davis, Charles Whiting, 
and George Frazier Jaquess who went to Henderson to by their merchandise from 
Audubon . 

The first church in the area a Methodist Church in what was then Gibson u ounty 
but new Robb iownship was organized in 1814 by Rev.Schrip. The members were 
Joseph Griffin, his wife and daughter and Anthony Griffin and wife. A Christian 
Church was started on Black River in 1815 by Joseph Wasson and James Murphy. 
The first camo meeting was at Joseph Griffins and the second at Shiloh Camp 
Ground(.vt. Moriah) . later on a camp ground was held on ground in 1875 owned 
by John Walker. The first church built was the Jaquess Chapel. 

Early schools were located on Wesley Jaquess , James Murphy, John Schradisrs farm 
and the' Hunt school. The first school in Cynthiana was in 1 ; 24 and taught by 
Ebneezer Phillips. School beys 50 years ago were R' chard Reeves , Wesley Jaquess, 
George Jaquess , Bennett Almon,Ogden Jaquess ,Azberry Jaquess. 

Ihe first blacksmith was run by Adam Fisher and- a wagon ship by Clark Rose. 

The first Sabath School. was organized on the farm of Garrison Jaquess in 
what was known as Goshen by James R nkin,John 3 c hrader, and Garrison Jaquess. 


page S8 1kf^> 

There were graveyards en the farms of Jonathan Jaquess, James Murphy, Joseph Fn.d- 
icot"t,and James Rankin. The Foseyville graveyard was laid out in 1351. 

The following were soldiers of the Y.'ar of 1812-Garrison Jaquess , Harry Casey, 
4 lis should be Henry Casey ), Joseph Endicott, Ellis on Cale,Yillian Casey, ana 
Auam Fisher. Thomas Almcn was wounded at the Battle of Tippecanoe and in 1S7G 
were all lead except Almon and Fisher. 

Soldiers in the i'<-exi; 

War were Alfred Kail and Daniel Williams 

The following were soldiers in the Civil V.'ar-Alvin Cleveland, George F. Endicctt 
B„muel Endicott , J n ol ""ndicotl , Joseph ITeely Endicott , r a trick End"" cott, Alfred B?rry 
Endicott , Jesse Murphy ,Anannias Ramsey Jr., P.'.'. Weaver ,C-ecrge C. Weaver, William ?. 
Jaquess , Henry Jaquess , Joshua d aquess ,Garris on Jaquess, John J aqussr., and Scoby 
Eaquess , George Albert, T.J. Reeves, Janes 3arrett,ITewton Barrett, John Cale, Smith 
Allison, an'd others. billed in the Ci 'il War were Alexander Allison, William 

(Wilbur } Jaquess , Alfred Berry Endicott, J-'homas Barrett, Eafayette Barrett. 


page 4© 
June 15,ie44-Estate of Zephanlan Davis-Catherine Davis adm. 

June 15,1844-One cent reward for run-away-John Sumpter. ran away from 

A31cn K our try of Robb ,J wp. 

July 4, 1844 -James °. -^dicott makes speech at Wo* Harmony 

July 3,1344-Estate of J p el iiartln-.'.illiam J. Lowry adm. 

TulY e,1844-«r. James Murphy mentioned as one of the oldest outstanding 
JosiaentTof Posey "ounty. *e *ent south In 1842 ana returned this 
past r; inter . 

Jul-r R 184*- 3f our blends south of Big Creek will do their duty 
JaiL 6. IndiCOt? will be elected, *e has a majority of 300 nortn 
of Die Creek. 

Jul*, 1841 -John c ox has statement about falsehood being circulated 
about him. 

Aurust 3,1844- , -A'e want a plain matter-of fact man such as one as our 
old friend Kllia* Sasey who has the repution of having been one of 
the best Sepresflntives wehave ever have. Suoo a man v.« believe is 
our honest, una a suming Barnes ^ndicott . 

August 17,1844-^tate notice of Alexander Feg-uson. 

Seotember 16,134*-! state sale of Alexander Ferguson at the late res- 
idue of the ftido. Ferguson deceased(note Alexander Ferguson died 
in 1921 but estate *as held open until death oi hxs axle) 

August 23,1344-dead-Jamss V-' . Swift aged 52. 

August 31,1844-Estate of Jonathan Stuart-hassel Nelson adm. 

1844 Elaction votes *NPI CO TT- Black 297— LEE-Blaok-230 

Point 4 Point 17 

Iynn 2 ^ynn 21 

Total vo^-e Fnd<cctt 326 Marrs 23 Marrs 27 

lotai vo.e wkjio Harmony 206 Harmony 212 

1,06 Pobb 143 Sobb 37 _ 

Robinson 158 nobinson 37 
Smith 78 Smirh 37 

September 44-Estate of James Kuykendoll-Dortbory Kuykendoll adm. 

October 5,1844- J acob SUchty listed in dead letters 

Detobe* 5,1844-Mentions lands in Gibson County that is listed for 
.ale by auditor due to default in titles and for Congressional School 
saxe °>™^;* (i!e r,eoree A . larval, Robert *ontgomery,Samuex Sly era 
and wifei'she wac-'Nancy Knowaes ) Thomas Ashley, Everrett Calo,V,iIIiam 
Svis heirs, James H. White .Jamoa Crawley and others. 

n„tnb*r 10 18^4-Kstate records of John Camcr-John B. and Rachel Carner 
Ootober 10,l»-s » Jchn Crunk _ d - o3 oph orunk adra. 

James V< . Swif t-^ary ^wif t and Slagnfcs 

T. Carnahan adms . 

page 46 

October 19, 1844- Land sale of James Y.'eaver deceased-one mile South of 
Poseyville 245 acros-D.W. Weaver, John K. Weaver, and G .W . Hlror.s adra. 

October 26,1844-Fs tate notice of Joseph Johnson-John 1! . Johnson, 
Josiah ^alvin executors. 

1845-March-Final estate settling of Thomas Robb estate (he died 1818) 

1845-Peter Jones adn. of Benjamin Montgomery estate 

N vember 8,1844-Tells of Steamboat explosion at New Albany. 100 killed 

November 9 ,1844-Notice of changing state road running from liouth of 
Wabash to Fredonia. 

November 30, 1844 -Caution notes given to George Purcell to clear titles 
on their lands were obtained fraud en tly and they do not intend to pay 
them. One for ^300, the other £200. Signed Ceorge Marvel, James ^arvel 

December 1844-Deliquent tax for Posey County lists in Harmon- J. Marvel, 
H. Stalling heirs-Robb, Sarah Sritton, Andrew Defur ,Rosewell Defur, 
George D. Ramsey,'.. lllis Stallings, ^-ddy Stallings, -Robinson, Wilson 
and Benjamin Garrls, Allen Gentry. 

December 14,1844-Estate of Jonathan Rogers-E.J. Rogers adm. insolvent 

December 2,1344-Lists different committees of Legislature, James C. 
•^ndicott on the State Prison ^omm. 

January 12,1945-dead-Ann Dunk 3rd dau. of Charles and s ophia Dunk 

December 23, 1844 -estate of Martha Cox-John A . •-•ox adm. 

November 13,1043-dead-At Evansville-November 13. John M. Dunham 

November 16,1843-dead-rs . Phebe' Ann Harrington wife of Charles Harr- 

November .13,1843-Es tate of Griffin Burne.t-^ary ^urnnett adm. 

November 13,1843-Es tate of Y.illiam Hancook-Ambrose J. Hancock adm. 

November 18,1843-James Finch Estate-William C. Hnch adm. 

1843-Tax deliquents-Harmony Two. ^lisha Stallings heirs. 

Robb Twp. Ellison cale and ^ames Casey, Isora Axton Sr . 
Robert Allen heirs. 
Also listed in Harmony and Blalrsville were Joseph Cox Jr., Allen 
Gentry ,yose3 Grant heirs, George ^ayes heirs, Allen Noles,V.m. Garner. 

November 13,1843-Es tate of William H. Allen-William Barrett adm. 

December 9 ,1843-Es tate of Joseph U 'Kinney- Robert Dixon adm. 

James Mulligan-Jam,es T. D a vis adm. 

7/)f e*rr *" 

August 7,19316 lists the 8 Cox pioneers Ji Posey County-John( Dopblehead) 
Cox, Jonathan ^ox Sr,Absolon u ox, Jonathan °ox Jr., John L .(Laughing)Cox, 
Joe <->ox,Funr?yf ord(Gener->l ; Cox. (This la copied as it appears in the 
paper however it is a mistake, the nickname of "General" was used for 
Joesph(J e) ^ox) 

1906— dead Mrs. Sarah J. Conrod in her 71st year. 

1931--Calvin Nesbi t committed auoide. 

1881 married-Isaac Rogers and Angeline Johnston on Sept. 6. 

September 4,1931 dead Mrs. Phoebe Stillwell Hancock widow o- Sam n ancock. 
She died at Robinson, Illinois at a daughter's home aged 76 years. 

1931--John Staples foundry owner at Mt. Vernon committed sucide age 89. 

November 13,1951 J aaes A. Cooper 57 a native of New Harmony committed 
sucide at x erre Haute, Indiana . Half brother of Robert Cooper son of 
James A. and Emma Stuart Cooper. Had a wife and son. 

December 11,1931 Raymcnd Hendricks accidentally shot and killed by Reed 
V.ilson at Cynt'niana . 

1906 — dead, Thomas Axton aged 71 years. 

Rldenour family listed as living at Phillips town, Illinois in 1931. Ties 
into the Rose family. 

1882 — Villiam C peland aged 35 dead. 

Febeuary 26,1932- dead V.'illiam Heuring aged 84 a former resident of New 
Harmony brothers Jake and John. 

February 26,1932 dead Luke Hunter aged 82 ye rs . 

1907 — dead Everrett Cavit aged 16 years. 

1907— dead Elijah Baily born *arch 3,1868 

March 15,1951 --dead John Donaldson aged 83 years. 

1931-dead at Grayville, Illinois James Butler 64 he married Rosa Saltzman. 

2.907 — dead Mrs. Laura Fndicott of New Harmony aged 60 at the home 
of a son in Mt. Carmel, Illinois . 

August 5,1952 A small article in the New Harmony Reigster says that 
the Cynthiana M.E. Church obersved it's 100th Annversery Sunday. 

1882--IIume Redman killed his wife and was taken from the jail at Mt. 
Vernon to Evans vi lie. A lynch mob was formed and one of the mob was 
killed by law officers protecting Redman. ( this murder occured in western 
Pobb towns hip near the Harmony , Center township line). 

page ^n^ 

December 26,1875-married-Henry W. Pisely and Emily Schnee 

January 3,lG76-married James II. Y/hite and Mary ■ i . Jamison 

.11 uary 1,1G75-Cynthiana Item-born to Jess Endicoi t a 12 lb. boy 

January 5,1G76 married at the brides fathers Jeremiah Eelson--James 5. Hayard 
and Jane Nelson. 

January 3, It 75-Married-Eli -^nderscn and Mahala Kar.ccck 

l£76-mentions Rush Creek Church and V.alnut Crcve schocl in Lynn township. 

January ,lE75-"dea i-Mr . x ssac V.illia.-ns old citzen of this town died and was buried 
in B 3 th el '•* own ship. 

January ,li75-I osey county marriages-George Deitztc Josephine Durl'ng 

Perry Martin to Daphie ^llen 
ale. o several others listed. 

January ,1:75-Menti or.s a graveyard in I^ower Hills, Bethel ,J -'ovmship writer found a 
stone that was odd with V.illiam Soann s name en i t jC^^/ J • - YWt. V %^^^^-^tJ 

February 1,1875-Christina Ingcrsoll vs. dwin Ingerscil divorce.- 

February 3,1 75-mavried Lewis T. Eeneue-^nerica Lyon ? 

February ,lc75-li s ts a long list of people sent to prison from Posey and Gibson 
county . 

February 5,lc75-dead-February 5th a 15 year old dau. cf James E. Cox of measles 
her mother also dangerously ill with it. 

February 17, l!" 75-married John Hodkins and Mrs . Mary ^ . V'illiams 

February 6,1875-dead- at Files Edmonds -Mrs . m ary L n ai CO rt of pneumonia. 

February 19 ,i;-75-dead-. L it residence of George Black, Miss Eva '"'attingly age 17 yr . 

March 4,lL75-dead George Goble 

'"arch 25,1-1^5-a ttachmen t suit-V.'ilson "-ls'op Vs. Rebecca Luttrell. 

April, 1875-Drowned at Shouse s Ford two men named George Isler. r Ihey were brc + h= 
in-laws as well as own cousins. One leaves a wife and 3 children also a brother 
Martin. Cne v.- as a drover the other a shoe maker both lived in Evansville, wer- 
on way to -visit brother at Griffin. 

March 26,1' 75- ead-Richar d Vilsey of Farkersburgh, Illinois 

April 25, 1875-deal- Joseph Ocher aged 9 yr . drowned 

April 24 ,lc75-Gherr. ; . f f 's Sale-Absolome Malone vs. William "iggins . 

April, l£75-deaths in Posey County-Mrs. John -x . °ox of Center Iwp.Mastir: '•■ . Sande: 
a" Bethel Tvvc . Lafavette Alexander cf Lynn Twoc . 

page SS J|^ 
April 9,1875-dead-Peter fiivett old resident of Posey Bounty. 

April 1875-Edward Corner adm. of Lucretia '.Villiams estate. 

a( il 1875-Attac.hment suit-George Saltzman vs. Rosanna Eckles . 

Hay 17,1; 76 -married-Louis Felch and Lucretia E. Gable 

May 17,1076-dead-inf . sen Arthur W . son of Thomas and Minnie Pritchard. 

Kay 20,iE7S-dead- u 'ary wife of William Cornick and dau. of Camma Johnson 

May 24,1674-dead-Eliza L. wife of Dr. Robert Robs on aged 74 yr . 

June 7,1.75-^osey County marriages -Henry Schilte to Rcsa Dury . 

C .A . Daus or. and ""ariam -avis 
Henry C. Kackey and Sallie Baker 

June 10,1976-dead— ^arry 3 yr . 5 mo. son of Jar. s and Bina Alsop 

July 18, 1876 -George V. Carr age 16 yr . 

1876-dead-Mr . Daniel Catorf Cater) old citzen of Gibson County. 

August 22 ,1c 75-married Franklin Culver and Rachel Stallings 

September 22 ,1C 7 5-Fs ta te sale of Josephine Herron, Henry Sears adm. Sale to be 
held at Elisha Her r en's house. 

September 5,1876-dead-Josiah Defur one of the first £ tev;ar tsville settlers, also 
old man Donnelly at Poor Farm a^ed over 95 he v:as born in Ohio in 1731. 

September 11 ,lS76-married-Freierick "ather to ftacilda t.iiite 

September 11,1876-Sale of V.illiam K. warvel-Jos eph Cale auctioneer 

September 1876-t'iary Boyle returned from Missouri to home at Stewar tsville after 
visiting sister Mrs. n arry Brocks. 

September 20,1673-married-Asa V.. Johnson and Katie Watson 

Harrison Sanders and ''-artha J. -arv.ood 
Henry C. Martin and Maura Lewis 
Charles Givens and Cynthia Johnson 

October 11,1875-married Ephriam Bamsey and Elizabeth Johnson 

October 18,1876-narried Hiram Knowles and Elizabeth A. Browns 

November 17,1876-Estate sale of John Andersen-' illiam V.illiams adm. 

November ,1076-7. state ' of Lewis Fitzgerald insolvent-John Johnson adm. 

November 76-d3ad letters-^ancy C-arris 

November 1,1076-married Marshal Hanks and Laura Boreen 

& Elem E. F a irchiids and Susan Vallace 

November 1878-Estate of Ann Calvin- Job u'tlej a dm. 

November 1876-Dead- at Elk 3reek,Calusa County, California Airs. Sussana V.esler 
72 had lived in ^ew harmony. 

O /ember 5,1876-married William li . Y.illiams to Harriett J. Campbell 

Jeddy Pitts to «>ary Jphnscr. 

November ,lc76-Sherriff s sale-Virgil P. and Rebecca A. vs. 
Lenonal Shook, George V.'. Neff, and L.H. Cook Trustees of Missionary Baptist church 
of Fcseyville. 

A Sabith School was started at Stewartsvi lie, November 1876. 

p vember 29 ,1876-married George C. Travers and Martha --. . Stallings . 

December 1,1876-dead- Sere;-ta L. «*cye aged 62 

December 3,1 76-dead-Lottie or ly child of Frederick and Wary ffl Hutchi . 

December 3,1876-dead-James Bundy 22 killed in hunting accident wife and small chi] 

December 76-dead- Mrs. Todd in California had lived at New n armony. 

December 19,1875-dead-VJilliam Stallings aged 52 borr in Posey County -thrown from 

December 24,1C76-Estate sale of Polly n ancock, Francis K. Reeder a dm. 

December 27,1876-dead- J ames T. Ro'ob aged 40 yr . 

Rugust,1877-dead- a child cf ?. Smiths the 20th of July buried in Smith graveyard 
(Smith 1 ov.nship) 

August 9 ,1c 77-dead-Ar thur £,. son. of J - J . S .and F.R. Echard aged 16 yr . 

August 6,1877-dead-Ella !■.: . wife of Dr. Thomas S. Smith aged 30 yrs . lived in 
V.'arrick Count-' . 

1877- X: 'state of William V.'ilhi te-adm . Edward Homer. 

October 12,1877-Estate of luary C. Pitts Idward Homer adm. 

1877-List of teachers in Ro^b Two. Stewartsville-L.Q. Fmrnerson and Emma Rut- 
ledge, Pes eyvi lie T. f.' . V.'eaver and Mrs. V-'illiam Davis ,Sv.arip J ,F. Right, alien 
Sylvester ^J orris, Right A. J. Grant, Cox Millie Alexander ,Allmon T.3. Allmon. 

October 4, 1877- dead -Benjamin Dates at Cynthiana 

October 8,1377-dead-son cf George Montgomery at Cynthiana. 

October 8,1877-John ft hi tesides bas to relate the whole circumstance to everybody 
he meets, because" 1 '^ tir.da has gone back on me" it would be best if he kept his- 
mouth shut about the whole affair. Cynthiana items. 

October 21,l£77-dead-Amgeline Reeder aged A C wife cf Lewis Vandergrift. 

page m. LU 
October 22,1877-Dead Theodore Fisher in 33 rd year. 
October 23, 1877 -Dead-V.'a Iter V.ilsey in 30 th yr . 

& tober 24,1877-dead-^ouis only child of V.illiam and u osa Kreipke lyr ,10mo2da . 
November 3,1577-Infant sen of James and '"artha Randolph dead. 

December 1778Dead- At Indianapolis tor. M.R. ^cuthard had lived in New narnnny 
December 8,1877-dead-estate sale of Thomas E. V'ade-Center x wp . V.illiam Villiams a L 

November 12,I877-A lady named Stinson living at poor farm fell in the fire and 
had to have leg removed. 

November 15,1877-Dead at Duarte,Los Angles County , Calif ornia ^enry S. Graves agecc 

.November 28,1877-marriages-John Fisher and Elizabeth Flock 

Joseph Campbell and Jane Ruminer 
George Clark and ^aura Stewart 
Dr. C. J . Duff and Florence d aquess 

November ,1S77-L . Pelham adm. for estate of Angeline Vandergrift 

December 10,1877-dead-Jarnes Calvert aged 73 

December 17, 1377-dead- Thomas Allmon oldest mar at Stewartsville . 

December 17, 1877 -Charles Montgomery and wife return to Stewartsville from Kansas 
to spend the winter . 

December 19 ,1877-married John S. Phillips to Ann C. Calvert 

James Stallings to -flora Bell Ste r hens 
Charles F. Rays and ^artha "ox 

December 1877-estate sale of Jonathan ^ight-Edwar i Homer adm. 

December 14,1877.,-dead-lssac P. Cox aged 54 at Cynthiana . 

December 24,1877-married-Monroe Coulter and Sallie Downs. 

January, 1678-dea th notice of Phillip H rnbrock of Evansville 

January 1,1878-dead- At Stewartsville V.illiam Barrett aged 54. 

" wife of Glttleib Barth(he later sold out 

and went west) 

January 1,1878-ma- riod ■'■'nomas J Ashworth and ■'-'oily J. Frazer 

J anuary 3,1878-married George C. ^ash and Ccrdellia ->avis 

Samuel ^ . Davis and ""artha Rosborou fc h 
HELoa Johnson and ^liza Boren 

page fig i^l 

January 1C, 1877 -dead- Wife of Henry at Stewartsville 

January 19, 1877 -married V. . H. Heuring and F.A. Williams 

h >ruary 7, 1877 -ma -.-Tied ^ames H. Gibson and E. IT. Montgomerty 

J. N. McReynolds and rarnelia Cleveland 

February 14,1877- married Prancis M. Tennison and Margaret Athenia Grant 

Febr ary 1877- A man named George Johnscn of Zvansville shot and killed while 
robbing a store at Hew Harmony. 

February 17,1877--'ead-Uncle Joe Showers was bured on the 16th a devout member of 
M. E. "hurch-Cynthaiana -tern. 

March 24,1377- Sale at Eli J. Robb residence estate sale of George V.' . Finch V;m. 
Williams a dm. 

March 1,1877 -married-Henry Mental and Martha Beaton 

March 27,1877-dead— "-ssac IT. ^ox a^ed 31 buried 29th, son of Elijah And Elizabeth 
K-&e-::-l-S-£felKl-::-8£ leaves wife and 2 small children. 

April 4, 1877 -married- J chn Scherer to J ane Garris 

James H. V.atscn and "*artha J. Cox 
Ephriam 0. Merritt and Paulina Vade 

April 8,lS77-dead-'.:rs . Mary Wilhelm at her sen John's home a fe ad 42 native of Ger: 

April 12,1877-dead- Ann wife of William Read aged 31 yr . 

April 77-Estate of Elizabeth Graham- Thomas J. Truscott adm. 

April 1877-married Heal Pullun and Mollie Hughes at Stewartsville 

April 11,1877-Kemorium for Brother William °ox of Grayville by the (D.O.O.F. Hew - 

April 14,1877-dead-Weedem S. Stephens aged 57 yr . 9 da. 

^ay 15, 1877 -Guardian to sell land-Adaline Johnson etal by guardian Truman Johns.: 
vs. William Price and ■James Hunter. 

April, lc77-da-d-wife of Henry Funston 

Kaj 15,1'. 77-7 illiam 111 Davis and Laura rfosborough 

May 23,1377-Yilliam- ^dicott and ^ate Rister 

June 3,1877- married-John H. Wheeler and Ella IT. Anderson 

June 3,1877-dead-Mary Swift aged 32. 

June 3, 187 7- tornado hit Mt. Carmel, Illinois many buildings including court house 
extensively damaged 14 killed. 

page 3S |io 

June 3,1877-ma ; led at ^ynthiana -rank Stevens and nancy McDonald 
July li,l£-77-Adra. sale ui Sylivestor Creek by John Williams adni. Center P.- v . 
^ n y ,1£77-Ld. Homer adm. for Alexander Stalling ■""-• ' ■ 

ounr £C,lL77-na; rir-u Ira^ier Drak ; ,.;. ""ilrir.o <i*-a«»,Johrt:.V;i Grigsby 
July 20,in77-doad at Little Rock,Arkansas Villiam n.bbott 
February 1,1c 7P-Lc ta te sale of Thomas Almon-Willlam Williams adn. ' 

.January 1,1878-Tells of William Endicott goin t fox hunting. (As a young man he 

hunted quite alot especially in the hills just east of N. H. although he lived 
at u 5tnthiana . n e V ;ould start out about 2 * .K . and return homd around 8) 

January 7,1878-dead-John Savage of Lynn Township. 

January 1878-Fight at Upper hills school John ^rnith aged 15 stabed Prank Aldrid, 
to death was later sentenced two years for it. 

January 17,1878-married ^amoine Dransfield and Vicotia Van.iergift 

January 23,1878-dead-Kargaret Grant aged 77. 

January 16,1878-married George Rose and °annie rii ariques of Cynthiana 

January 24 ,1873-c2ad-George n ofreiter 

January 30,1878-dead- r atsy wife of Romelia Brooks 

lanuary,ie78-Kilton -linen heme from Illinois 

A Mr. Keelblock the aged clock fixer comes to Stewartsville. 

January, 1378-A Mr. Erwin at Stewartsville missing fear he drowned. 

Kebruary 6,1878-married Laws cm 0. Tuggles arid Amanda Ashworth 

February 1878-Julius Miller adm. for ""ariaret Killer estate. 

February, lS7S-de d-Jar.ies K. Johnson dead at Grayville, Illinois 

Kebruary, 15, 1878-dead-Henry Truscott a t ed S2 yrs. 

February 15,1878-dead-Jesse "ash aged 73 

larch 5,1878-dead-Smily Hamilton aged 23 wife of Andrw Hefreiter . 

fiarch 30,1878-Adm. sale of Amelia Montgomery estate V.illiams Y/illliaras adm. 

March 3,lE73-married V.'ilford Ashworth? and ^ary E. Murphy 

^arcy 17, 1378- dead-Elizabeth Ferguson only dau. of Dr. James A. amd Emma S. Cccc 
lyr . 5 mo. 10 da . 

jSJrch 18,lS78-dead- t,i ary wife of Fredrick Sutchie aged 24 yrs. 

page &( m^ 

April 16,137C-Fs ta te sale of Melissa Watson by Job Ttley adm. 

April 18,1878-Estate sale of John 3. Calvin by Job Utley adm. 

*( 'Ch 27,1878-married-Frank Calvert and Mary V. Eatj}^ 

April 18,1878-dead-William 3. Smith aged 68 of Cynthiana 

ApM.l-;; m ay 6,1878-dead-John McConnell aged 84-7 cbildren-20 grandchildren 

May 28,1873-Rev. Jacob Spurs preached the funeral of - L honias Allmon and his daughte 
both who died last winter. 

Ui ay 29,1678-deai-John Cornick 

June 3,1878-dead-George 1. Berlin aged 31 yr . 

June 1878— L n two issues articles about a man named Andy Compagnionette of Owens - 
ville beint a 4 talked, mobbed and killed after threatening Janes Robinson and 
Jack Montgomery. ^uitc a nob and gang warfare was oc curing at this time. 

June 19,1873-dead-Rober t Robson aged 77 yr . 

June 19,18789dead-Eenry and i'<-orris twin sons of ' Vl orris and "*ary Pote aged. 4 months 

June lS78-Lists all the school children in New Harmony schools that year. 

June 21,1878-dead-Infant son of O.R. and ""ary Thomas of Bethel Township. 

June 28,1878-dead-Harry 15 month son of James C. and ■ Lj au-a Boren 

June 21,1878-dead-M.V. Saltzman a t ed 38 yr . 

|Tune,lS78-James Ferguson v:hile drunk beaten on head by A. J. Jones alias Andy 

Stoke. Various other fights that week-end involing Lee, John Fillingim, 

Edward Martin, Thomas Myers, and Dave Murphy/ 

June 1878-dead-Samuel Cartwright born in Posey °ounty in 1822. 

July ll,1878-dsad-Tiny to ay twin dau. of - . B. and L. C. Adams aged 4m o 5 da. 

iTuly ,lc78-dead at New harmony a Charles Johnson who was employed at Eyansville, •_ 
drowned in Wabash. 

July 17, 1878 -mar ri 3d -Charles A. Kight a *id Martha J - 1 . Franklin 

July 23,1878-dead- n arold son of H.F.anri M. father 13 mo. 

EFuly, 1878 -dead letter- Lydia ^nn !!ose 

August 1878-married John C.^rman ard Amanda Ashworth. 

August 25, 1878-married Stephen Gatewood and Martha E. Gwaltney 

September 2 ,1376-dBad-Lewis Iloble a^eo* 57 yr . 9 mo. 

pa t e Wt _gb 

September 5,1878-dead-i'redrlck youngest son 5 north of Charles and Frances Bertcr. 

September 6,1878-dead-Henry 5entcn a t ed 19 yr . 

£ otember 7,1078-dead-Pannie eldest dau. of Edward Stallings 

September 7,187C-dead-$&gar L. 8 yr . old sen o: George and "arie Baldwin 

September 9 ,1678-dead-Mary ". 33 wife of Louis Felham. 

October 12,1878-Sherriff Sale-Edward Murphy vs. ^ ohn In. Andersen and Vicotia 
Andersen . 

October 10,1878-married-David Y'ilsey and "11 II an 3. Ferguson 

October 6-,1378-dead-Corinne Inf. dau. 12 day. of James A . and Emma S. Cccrsr 

October 6,1878-dead-Francis Cooper(C-ypsey) at Phi 111 os town, Illinois , aged 7E 
native of Russlep, bounty of Middlesex, England. 

October 11,1873-Dept . Sherriff C.O. Thomas killed by negro Daniel Harris, a 
lynch nob attacks jail and in confusion Harris escapes but four negros in iail 
were taken out and hung. 

October 13,l£7e-married Asbury c x and Sarah E. Nash. 

November 2,1878-John F a irchild and Sarah E. Montgomery 

N vember 1,1878-A card announcing a suit of Nellie Robinson vs. Alfred R&beyre 
sxander anf false pretenses. He makes public apology and she announces she" 
would never marry him. 

November 5,1878-married James T. Scott and Lydia E. Montgomery 

C .A . Albright and Mollie Weaver 

November 9 ,1878-dead-Cora Keifer 13 week dau. of William ? . and A. Lichtenburger . 

November 13,1873-dead William Wilson aged 22 

November 15,1373- dead-Adelia 3 yr . old dau. of James and Maria Stoker 

November 17,1878-married Edward Homer and Mrs. Sarah E. Mounts. 

November 1878-Dead-Mrs . Elizabeth Schneck dead at Stewartsville her son John died 
3 weeks ago. 

November 27,1878-married J . M. u . Damron and Adelia %iowles 

January 1879-Term of Court Clark Gar-is for jury duty. 

December 1,1878-married Lewis lj . Vandergfift and Emma V. Ferguson 

December 3,1378-dead-Larkin Sally aged 49 

December 8,1678-married-Silas C. Hight and &ary Homer 

1 member S,ie78-dead-Glara A. Robb 20 yr . dau. of Enoch and Amanda Defur Robb. 
Sister Cordelia her "ather killed in Civil War and [-other died when she .as Ig 
yr . She lived first with Defur s and last 3 years with her Robb Grand arents~ 
thomas Robb . 

page « S/ 
December 13,1878-dead-Kenry Robinson a[:ed 55 yr . 

December 22,1878-married Dqvid "bite and "rs. Elizabeth Karner 

^ member lc , It 78-de . d-John A. R. r rice a fc ed 41 yr . 

December 23 and 26,1878-dead-Dec .23, Fred Dupley and Dec .25 ,Geor t ^ -dwin 3 and 5 
yr . old sons of Gecr e e and «nn V.ilsey. 

January, 188S9 -Killed at Stewarts ville Albert Kight. 

January 1878-Eankruptcy filed by John u . ~oren 

January 10, lC79-"ia-ried henry Donaldson and Sarah A. Stallings 

January 21 ,1c 79-married-Alf rdd hardy and Mar; E. V/hite 

January 22 ,l£79-dead-Dr . Lucian \'i. Highraan aged 34 

February 4 , 1879-dea d-Jc hnscn r ulliam at St ev.arts ville to be buried at "-t. r leas = :v 
his wife only dead 3 month. 

February 10, 1879 -married- John V. . Ashworth and Mary Server 

February 10,1879-dead-Mr . Robert Crowe aged 55 at Evansville c-ut had lived at *' .H 

February 19 ,1879-married-Mollie """opper and Theodore B. Harris 

February 21,1879-dead-Margaret Given native of Ireland a t ed 76 yr . 

March 22 ,1879-judgeme t sale of J. J. Knoviles , Thomas M. V'eaver, and brothers. 

February 27,1879-dead-Vtilhelmina wife of John Phillips aged 73 her father a 
Rapplte she came here more than 50 years ago from ^'inncences, when Rappites left 
she stayed here and married 

February 2 r 7,1873-insane Jennie Schnall taken to asslym at Ind.Ianap lis. 

March 10,1879-married-Oliver Dennis-Mrs. Cemantha Polly 

March 9 ,1879-dead-Krs . Mary Taylor aged 75 yr . 

March 23,1679-narried Robert Smith and Lucy V.ade 

March 25,1879-dead at Winfield Michael Smith aged 81 yr. 

March 20,1879-Kemoriam from Foseyville I.O.O.F. for Hlliam Reeves. 

"pril 2,1879-married James A. Hutchison and Grace Ashworth 

April 2,1879-dead- Abe. Penfold old citzen of Harmon;' Twp . 

April 3,1879 -Mem or iam of I.Q.O.F. Posey ville of William * . Jaquess 

April 14,1878-dead-John Schrader aged 8c yr . 

H.rii 12, 1; 79-de. d-V.'illiam a. Weaver agea 27 

, page *§7 g\, 

December 28, 1844-Courtney ""arcus by Zachariah Pulliam her next friend tos . 
Thomas "'arcus suit for divorce. 

Ji tary 18,1345-Vincent V.alker adm. of John Walker estate vs. heirs to clear 
title, ^eirs listed^are William Walker, Chris topher and Sarah Walker Wilson( 
non-residents ) ,John ~. V.alker , Vine ennes V.alker j-^owery Eili Walker and James 
Walker . 

January 11,1845-Heirs of I. Valentine were William, Thomas , Zachariah V a lentine, 
George and Mary Valentine Nelson, Henry and Elizabeth Valentine Helmetailer( 
she being deceased and having a son Issac living ) ,Mar tin and Sarah Valentine 
Cowgill, Joseph and Courtney Valentine Hull. All are non-resident except Georgge 
and m ary Nelscn. 

January 25,1S45-S tate vs .William E. Steuart,John Pitcher and Amanda Pitcher, 
Steuart non-resident. , 

February 8,1845-George Hershman adm. for J ohn Jenkins estate. -" 

February 8,1845-Lstate of ^rancis Ashworth-Tabitha Ashworth adm. 

February 8, 1845-^3 tate of Ignatius Levitt-Elizabeth Levitt adm. 

February 8,1845-Clement Whiting and William Pollard vs. M artha Williams and 
her heirs-Emry V,illiams,Eben Williams, William and ^ary Williams Smiley , Joseph 
and Eliza Williams Endicott, Chesterfield and "atilida Williams Spilman, and 
Elizabeth Pagans. 

February 8,1845-Clement Whiting as adm. for George W. Lindsey estate vs. 
James Downey. 

February 15,1845-It becomes our painful duty this week to record the death of 
Colonel William Casey of this county. He died at his residence in Robb town- 
ship on the 4th having been in bad health for the last 2 or 3 years. Colonel 
Casey was much respected and esteemed by all who knew him. n e served for 
many years in our State Legislature, representing at different times the 
counties of Warrick, Vanderburg and Posey in the Senate and Posey in the lower 
house. Kis popularity in this county was very great, ^e was a firm and 
unwavering Democrat and his death has made a void that can not soon be filled. 

February 15 ,1845-Es tate of John Richards on- William Polllard adm. 

February 22,1845-Moses Endicott adm. for William Casey estate. Sale held 
March 15,1845. 

February 22,1345-Estate of 1 sham Axton-Zachariah Wade adm. 

March 1,1845-Estate of J ames Finch and Mary B. Finch his wif e-William H. 
Finch adm. 

February 2 6, 12 4 5- dead- Thomas Whitman aged 28 year. 

February 22,1845-Estate sale of Isaac York deceased by John S, Albright adm. 

\ 'ch 15,1845-- b state of Moses Calvin-Martin Richter adm. 

page 35T £3 

April 28,1879-dead-Milton Fillingim aged 69 

April lO,1879-de-id-V;.A. Downey M.D. aged 45 yr . 

i j 17,1879-^herriff Sale-Edward Erovm tos . John L. Zeller,Mariah Seller, 
Alvin P. Osborne, William Ridenour and others 

April 25,1870-dead-Elizaboth Fischett aged 97 at her dau. Mrs. Arnoldy. 

J3herriff Salu-llay 1879-Louisia Stillwell vs. Joshua and Caroline Cox,Issac 
and Benjamin Anderson lot 27 in V.infield. 

May,1879-yr. Luke 0. Cox of Owenton, Kentucky was in town visiting relation. 

October 26,1833-dead- J acob Ruchti aged 41 yrs . 

November 20,1883-John Allman living in Princeton adopt a door step baby 
have two of their own. 

January 4,1884-L. F. Ruchti guide in A.O.D.W. Lodge 

January 11, 1884-Tells what happened to Dan Harris a negro who killed the 
deptii&y sherriff in 1878-and caused 4 negros to be lynched. He was taken from 
jail and taken to the railroad yards and there pitched alive into the fire 
box of an engine. 

January 11,1886-gi ves a history of early Posey u ounty keel boats. 

January 10,18S4-dead-George Minney aged 73. 

February 1,1884-First and only legal hanging In Posey County-(note this writer 
about 15 years ago-1952- saw an inviatlon to that hanging) 

February l,ieS4-cornor s inquest in death of Douglas Williams 

February, 1884-Tells of Abraham Fisher an old man living in Knox County aged 
96-has had 5 wives the last one this year a young girl of 16,24 children in all 

May 30,18S4-Tells about Phillipstoun graveyard, Jonathan Bradshaw born 1754 
died 1834, the 5 children of J.McCown all died in 3 days in 1834(note at 
present time Bradshaw 's stone is still there but no McCown stones) 

itf-ay Sljltsa-^ead-Fachel wife of Camma Johnson agod 64 yrs. 

June 6,1884-dead-I/.rs . Johnathan Right died Sunday buried Monday at Bethelhain 

September 5, ,,884-lerrible scorn at New Harmony two storms met much damam; e . 

1884-Adm. notices for estates of Sarah E. Stallings , Thomas Stallings, Leander 
Stallings and William 0. P^tts. 

May 18,1879-married-George ". Faul W, Faul and *ary G. V.'aller 

May 19, 1879 -dead-Nancy Jane Hunter aged 55 yrears . 

\ane 1,1879-dead letter-Henry I. Hcse 

Hybe June ,12,lS79-dead-cit Stewartsville Rebecca dau. of Emily Holloman and 
wife of Carlisle C oe. 

page ^3fc <£if- 

June 18, 1879-married- Thomas *awkins and Alice Murphy 

Virgil J. Duckanan and Julia A. Robb 
married at residence of Thomas Fergus on -Joseph Blump and «>ary 
Armstrong. ' 

f U «^u'if 73 ^ e&d '^ nnah 3arth °lem 7 aged 45 yrs . on way to Albion to visit 
a sick daughter when she had a fatal heart attack. 

July 1,1079-Thomas Robb gone to Kansays to Visit dau. 

July I4,lb73-ma ried-Ge»Dge W. Tolston of Cincinnati and Delia R. Beal. 

July 16,1879-married-Jonathan EmBrson and Polly Wunnahan 
John T. Valker and ""attic Brown 
•■illiam Davis and -mily Goade 
Jaraes Towns end and R chell Ann Hill 
Bazzil Roach and Alice S. Ashworth 

page Sffi <?£ 

March, 1845-Sentenced for an attempt at murdor Amos C-arrlss for 2 year. 

March, 45-Abner Campbell chairman of Democratic party in Posey County. 

April 12,1845-Death notice of ^ancy Williams wife of Urbane Williams 
Says she loaves 12 children living and 20 grandchildren but mentions 
no names . 

April, 45-mentions Colonel Peter Smith of Smith Twp . as a canidate for 

C .C omm • 

MayQ4,1845-FFtatc of John Ferguson— John c .ooper and Emily Ferguson adm. 

Kay 24, 184 5 -S .Sale McFaddin vs. James KcCloud sale to be June 14, 

June 14 ,1845 -Estate of Lemuel Crif fin-John A. Price adm. 

June 24, 1845 -married by Fov. A. 7/ilkinscn-D". Samuel Milton Mitchell 
to Mrs. ^artha Jane Peas of Dlairsville. 

1845-deliquont tax lie ts-Hamor^, John end Ann Longline, Joseph Stewart, 
Joseph Fndicctt— Robb .Flliacn Cale,Mary Ferguson, Pcbort. Strwart-- 
Robinscn,ra n iel ^ox t Wilson Carris, Allen Gentry,A .D.P. Ruohtcr.(I 
believo this lator becane Ruchtyy) 

November 22,1045 -Solon on Andersen offer od for sale land near Dennis 
Ferry in White County, Illinois . 

December 13,1345-Es tate of Stephen Kelson-John jj . Sanders adm. lots 
for sale in Paris(Stev;artsville) 

December' 20, 1845-Fstate of Caleb Overton-Cornelius Overton adm. 

December 20, 1845 -Estate of Fliac W. KIncholoe -William H. Kincholoe adm. 

December 25,1845-married by J. 3. Johns on -Sheridan M. Anderson to 
Catharine To land. 

August, 1345-Drath notice of Lewis Wilson aged 25 a$ fathers homo. 

August 9,1845-Silas M. Cox adm. for Edmund Rogers estaf.e. 

August Sjlt^S-^-state of Joseph Alldridge-Shubel York adm. rale Aug. 29, 184; 

August 9,1845-^argaret McCloud adm. of J ames McCloud-noxt issue she 
was removed and "am son u reathouse appointed. 

October 11,1845-Eatate of Meoks ^eal-Ben lamin Neal adm. 

Octobor 9,.'-845-marri ed Joshua Overton 79 to Mrs. Fidelia Luteins aged 31 

October 18,l£45-es tate of Jesse Cox-Benjamin Gwaltney adm. sale Nov. 8, 45 

page m Sio 

VV r 

Na'V l Januar y 19,1346-fteuben Allrldgo vs. Mart-are t Walker, John and Nelly 
S*J Miu- ^C/r.alson.i'olly.J-acheljEbbyjAbraci and i J eter Walker. 

January 10,1846-Publio Sale- The old German Jurying Ground near the 
west 11 rait of town cf «<eu **arr;ony and ncv^ property of St. Stephen 
Church v,ill be surveyed Into family lots and sold to highest bidder 
on the £1 st day of February next, ~ale between hours of 1C n ,:■' , and 
4 ?.'/.. 

January 10,l'J4S-Adm. notice of ^osiell Platt»Nancy Piatt adn, 

Junuury 31,1846-P6titlon by Joshua f-llis uardian to divide estate 
of *'oab ^ov.ard. "ext issue says Joshua ^illess guardian. 

Februrary 184 S-ment ions Nathan ". Berry deceased of Point Tap. 

February 14,lS46-e3ta to of John Pofeter -William ~avis adx . 

June 20,18Cl~rarricd H»C, ^ocper and Laurie V. »>ore. 

Hay 2G,lc42-Vanderburg County-dcsd^ivcrce ~arah Ely vs .Jesse 

Kay 27,lb42-L 1 Ivorce Ruth **ush vs. Oliver "aah. Henry Kuhn vs .Elizabeth 

1G42-'. illiam Casey nominated for state senator by Democrat as. 

August 14,1842-marrl6d John 5. Greathousa of Ploeey ^ounty to Sarah 
Li lies ton. 

October I4,l f; 42-dead at Evans vi lie Thomas Voak aged 45. 

Jlovor.bcr 9,1942-Villium Cacey declines nomination Eaying he can scarce 
rido £ dozen miles a day becaviEs of his health. 

Doc enber, 1842 -'-Lolls of the £attle cf Ttuneo and de-th of Tcchumseh. 

December S,ir<2---e ta to of William *'cgero--'ane Rogers, John "ox, and 
Preston C. Rogers a da. -Estate sale December 22,1842. 

January 1843-K.oziah ^ox-rellect of Jonathan ^ox late cf Posey ^ounty 
decoJ.sou, their heirs-John and "nna v c.r Hayes ,Jos eph and A< ancy w ox 
Hays, a. C. and Dioy ^ox .JllIans,Koziah, Elizabeth, and A homas Cox. 

February 7,1843-^obort I ndolph estate-'avid iandolph adm. 

r.arch ll,184S-£stat6 of Noah Seward-^llzabeth Seward adm. 

April 8,l£!43~Jame6 B* Cox announce he does net intend to i-ay note in 
favor of Thomas Cwon3 for 43 dollars . 

April 2D,i843~Johanr.ah L'ullin vs. -^hcrjas hullin divorce 

Catherine Louise Robert vs. Charles William Robert divorce 

!'ay 6,1843-George Duckworth ostate-'' J aeh ad-n. 

page m £ 

1843-S.Sale of land of William **. Stewart bought from J.Y.Welborn 
who bought it from Giver.s in 1023. 'J-itle not clear. 

September 9,1043-Eankruptcy sale of J homas VV. O^ens-Twp.5. 80 acres. 

August 19,1843-John K . Sandore adm. of Andrew Yalker estate. 

September 2,1343-Bstate of James casey-V.illiam Casey ^dioott adm. 

toarch 23, 18 44 -Estate of Russell Annable -Samuel finable adm. 

**arch 23,1844-Col. Gillian: Casey says his bad health prevents his 
running for the legislature. 

barch 13,1844-dead-Tapley E, Taylor aged 47. 

April 6,1341-listed as poor persons in harmony Swp.-john York about 
81-l-:iss y. . Orman an idiot- a child of ^usan ^tout's. Advertizing for 
their care. 

March 2,1344-fcstate of F. Goodvin-V'.* . Richardson adm. 

^arch 8,1844 -William P. Bradley adm. for Thomas C u ] ly estate 

Nov.l8,1644-a petition to the Senate by u v;ens for a pension for Hicrita 
Foot a ^ev. War Tridow. 

April 30, 1344~doad-Pov. Cloud Bethell aged 51- a eg .naptis t Church. 

April 20, 1844-^3 t^te of J acob Benthall-Cornellus Benthall adm. 

April 20,1844-Estate of George W, r arker-Alexander kYcrary adm. 

May 4,184 ' -ostave of Peter Cross-Benjamin Gwlatney adm. 

Kay 11,1844-lhore has been considerable enquiry made by ovr opponents 
since the Slalrsvillo convention to who Mr. James C, Lndico' t is. 
That they way no longer rerraln in **o will state '■'.?. ^ndicott 
is a man the earns his living by the sweat of his brow, intelligent , 
upright and much resepected by all who know him. "ore than all this 
he attends to his own business, takes the papers and reads them and pays 
for them. If the ?.'hig3 want my further information we have no doubt 
Itr. Fndicott himself will satisfy them before the day of election. 
After that he will ha better known as the iiepresentive of Posey "ounty. 
That s the way to tell it. 

June l,1844--r. *"ndicott informs ua that wh?re ever the Statesman 
circulates he finds no difficulty in olectionering . Only in places 
where geld spoons and " x he Florida Far are ye* talked does he find any 
trouble . 

June 1,1844-Shadrack Stallings warning against Jane his wife. 

June 27,1644-married Hi chard Ford and Prudence Birkbeck. 

Fags m g^ 

Doocmber 16,1943- T ^-Sherriff 'e Sale-Nancy Grant vn . Ebenezer Phillips 
by John °ox Ex-3herrlff of Posey County. 

December 12 ,1343-dead-Susana Jane Blackler aged 19 only child of 
Mrs. Susan Elliott. 

January 6, 1844 -Estate of George mackintosh- John Haynes adm. 

John «• . Phillips-Jo3eph Phillips adm. 
Issac James- Eezin James adm. 

January, 1344-dead lotters-Aelicum Anders on(Elikum) 

January 27,1344-dead-V illiam C. Jiacy aged 50 native of Nantucke t,i'iass . 

January 28,1844-dead-James Elliott aged 64 native of Surry , England 

Janauary 20,1044-dead- Guy i: , Collins aged 40 native of i'ar tinsburgh,Va . 

February 21,1844-dead-Franois P. Hall aged 71 years. 

February 29 ,1344-dead-Zanthe Hall dau. of ?. P. Hall aged 14 yra . 

February 23,1844-George VY. Cleveland says he gave William Crabree a 
note for 30 dollars and has paid it once and does not intend to pay 

again . 

March 9, 1344-dead- Jonathan Rogers old resident. 

September 9,1843— j athional Barrett adm. for Thomas 8. Barrett estate. 

August 19,1943-Andrew V.'alker Estate John K. Sanders adm. 

September 2,1643-estate of Jonathan Nesler-Abi jah Allen adm. 

1843-James Ovens ran store at Blairsvillo. 

3L843-James ^oaney and James Casey Endicott agents for "Statesman". 

September 23,1343-Broech of promise suit-jury awards f4,ffi00 damage to 
Rosella F aring from Jredrick Bishop. 

September 30,1843-Sarah Eobinson adm. for Jonathan Robinson estate 

September 1843-State of Indiana Vs. S&m- Govern or Samuel Biggie-Grand 
Jury forman was R.H. rauntleroy, other members wore F.A. Hamilton, _ 
William Young ,A .J . Campbell, J acob Howe, John H. Cralg,J.W. Carniek 
Noah .V.cFadin, J. \.ilson,-U.F. Johns on, ffalllam Casey -"^ndicott, David 
Br oeco, Carroll Pitts. (The Governor hud pardonod William .VcFadd&n from 
prison and the grandjury wanted him sent back to Jail. 

October ,1843-Abi jah Bacon adm. for Edmund Bacon estate. 

October ,1343- ly oad letters -Ednond ?J orris ,Shaddrack Dov?ns ,-'.J . Reader, 
Sirs. V.'inny "oak.iurs. "ane *"ioj>ers, Charles ^>. V.iggina. 

page 43 $1 
September BjlEMS-dced-George Pransfield aged 25 

October 14,lF43-S.Sal«? -Vllliam Ferguson, I. Seaborough Penterostv* 
vs . 2hcnas Hussell. 

October 14,1343-EEtate of Peggy Axton ,V. r illian Sti.Uwell adm. 

Ootober 9 ,ie43-^state of '^cras Fletehell-SarBh Fletchell adm. 

October, 1043-^03 rs of d ohn and Elizabeth Adams Sr .-Joseph, J ames ,Elir,abeb., 
Susanna, and flaney J. Adams. John Hargrove guardian. 

Ootober 28,1843-Es tate of Silas Johns on -V.illiam KInoholoe adm. 

November 4 ,1843-apeaks of mail robbery being very common. 

November 4,1843-Hassel Nelson adm. for Jonathan Stuart estate. 

N vember 4 ,1843-Joseph Venables notice against his wife "ancy who has 
loft his bed. 

November 11,1043-FPtatc of "atnan Ashworth-George Hirschman adm. 

November 11 ,1843-Estate of Austin A. Rutter -Samuel Arinaleble adm. 
Estate invoice shows only 116 dollars widow claims 150. 

November 11,1843-Forclosure heirs of V.illiam Lewis-William, Edward, 
Henry ,Flvir.a, Cornelia and Sar h Jane Lewis by guardian John l.'.itchell 
vs. heir?i of Robert Keith deceased and his adm. David T. Kimball - 
Koith hoirs wore Catherine Keith, 'ihomas and Euphemia Keith Brangham, 
Ihomas, Sarah Jane,»- ; atilida, and David 'i. Keith. 

October l^.igOS-riead-Stophen Hartman aged 92-born in Underwithlath, 
Germany. Came to U . " . in 1852-marriod Anna Maria Walz first and had 
one son V-illian. Second marriage to Mrs. Hosanna Selnan. 

1902-dead-Uncle David Bell an old old man at Phillips town, Illinois . 

1902-tells of Fielding Estes selling his farm and going with son-in-law 
Charles Taylor to Arkansas. 

1902-desd-D.C. Davenport aged 77 at Crossville. Born in North Carolina 
carao with parents when young, married Julia Ann Cross had 11 children. 

1902-married-Ella dau. of Janes Cox and Maurice son of J.C. Stallings. 

January 5,1903-dead-tfrs . Christiana Drake wife of John A. Drake aged 
43 at homo of her father •* ohn Hernan. 

January 10,1303-d'?ad-Eli?.abeth Brcokins wife of Franc Brooklns aged 
51 yrs . 6 mo. 18 da. 1 son. 

1892-^-ary Jane Stallings adm. of *lvin ? • Stalling" estate. 

Pag* 9 Qo 
^ 1 L^ B il a79 '" r ' Charle3 Montgomery eon-ln-law of ^homas Hobb dead 

ieetlng! 1879 " mentlons awful fl £ ht held at Stewartsville after school 

July 25,1879-married-V,lniam Whiting and L av ina Rhlta 

Charles M. Vandergrift and Catherine If. *a thews 

July 25,1879-dead-Adan, Lichtenborger-62 nutivo of Somerset, Pa. 

July 30,1879-roarrled-V.F. Fubbie and i.artha C. E*in fc 

July 30,1879-married-John Phillips 78 to %ody O^-oore 65 at lit. Vernon 

te! t 1 ^l 8 Z?" M 1 ° Ve S ^ Illi^la Louis son of Gottlieb Earth. Leander 
Delur lost his last child two having already aied. 

August 11,1379-death notice of Samuel Lefur. 

August 15,1379-dead- Fudd Viets 63 

August 19,1879-dead-Martha wife of John Fitzgerald-35 at Phillipstown. 

July 19, 1879 -dead-Mrs. Polly r. a ltzman aged 76 

August 25, 1873 -dead-Sydney P. dau. of Martin filler aged 24 years. 

August, 1879-a**a*John K. Murphy and Sarah &. Lambert carried. 

September 7,1879-dead- Fannie J. Vandergrift dau. of Capt. Lewis 
Vandergrift aged 20 year. P J-ewis 

September I7,lfc79-married-^saac "eisler and Sarah Craham 

John " . Stallings and ^artha Lowen 

femes Kills and Caroline ..alker 
William A. Forrest and ^arj A. -nomas 

January 2,13 -0- Terrible explosion on steamer^Farieie City" 5 miles 
below ft M "armony below Turkey Island. Killed were J-s/*atie Mnt- 
yre cook, a cabin boy named damend, and the fireman Boney. Cant. 
Uathevv Cox wag injured. Dsad burled at Maple Kill. James -anoe 
the engineer badly hurt. 

December 29, 1979-dead- at Stewartsville Dembergor child a»>ed 2 vr 

January 20,1880-dead-wlf e of Asbury Cox who died suudenly. 
January 20, 1880-11 ving In Lousiana -Lilly Hobb. 
January 25, 1880-married- Frederick Ruchtl and Elizabeth Hungate 
Februury 4,1830-Johh Bention and Elizabeth Fitzgerald married 

page 4© £j/- 

February, 1880-married-Kra. ^ate Beckly and J^b Utly of Bethel Twp. 
they went to Haniiton County, Illinois . 

March 19,1880-Estate sale of Hannah M. Mash-William V.Illiam acta. 

February, 1880-marrled Elisha *. Right to Martha E. Mght 

3 Edward Wilson Phillips to Julia Ann Vatson 

John Given to «-ary «• . burton 
Jesse S. V.aue and ik atie Gaw thorn 

February 26,l&60-dead-Claudia dau. of John L. and -uchel I'.hoeler 5 yrs . 

Septemb«r 21,1879-narricd-v,illiam B. Williamson ana Delia Johnson 

September lR,1879-dead-Elsle Inf. dau. 01 William KcK. and *ate ?acree. 

September 23,1879-dead-John Woodham born June 24,1799 a native of 
England came to «e* Harmony in 1856 and married 1E5S Catherine Dwenger 
had two dau^htors. 

November 8,1879-Estate sale of ~ary Reeves-William Williams adm. 

K vember,1879-dead-°harles II. V.hite born i-arch 1,1810 in Bucks Co., 
England cane to hew Harmony in 1837. 

1879-Fstate settling of John Corn ck estate-heirs-Uary J. Cornick, 
Sarah £>'. Sanders, John Sanders, Nathan and Judah A. Lewis \.i Ilium -. 
Cornick .James H. and Martha J. Wataon.David C. and Esther H. Cox, 
John and Kelissa C. Devin, George W. Cornick, Eduard b. oornic::, Juries 
H. Cornick and kary D. Cornick. 

October 29,1979-marrled-FrGderick Hornton and Barbary Stewart 

Nov ember, 1879 -estate of °acob Judy-Edwara homer acta. 

November 13,1379-doad- John Cooper aged 85 born in Surry .England. 

November 23,1379-dead-Mary a. Baldwin aged 55 widow of John. 

John °oc;,or Sr. taught school near Fosoyville where in 1321 lie met 
and married Elizabeth Ferguson. 

March 7,1390-raarriod-Hcnry Beckly and Sarah E. ganders 
Henry Craig and wary Social tt 

Karoh.l390-dead-Sarah P. aged 22 wife of John U. Hunter 
Charles E, Johnson n^ed 27 ycar3 . 
Joseph Fosoborougn aged 82 
Ann 19 yr . dau. of Jacoo and Salome Breith 

March 20,1880-Hew Harmony- Hotice-I am Phillip Wagner takin everything- 
back what 1 say tuaince Mrs. «nne Wagner my wife beconse I am no gel 
what I said because it is not so. Signed Phillip Wagner. 

April, 1880-married-Lee J. Stallings and Maggie Cartwright 

John u . Flnnie and Jennie Graham _ ., 

John °. Hyne and Ida hobo 

page ■#?■ 0>°X 

fcay,lC80-dead letter3-Honry Casey 

May,1330-married-E.D. *cKinley and Mrs. Elmina "-cDaniela both aged. 

*'ay,1880-Demberger house nearing completion at St ewartsville . 

July ,1880- dead- -John E. V.aller aged 56 
J/:- lhomas lerg'jscn arcd 46 

Ruby twin dau. of ii. T. and a-. Nathan 9 mo. 

Cecrge V- . Yheeler acred 67 yr . 

John L. Lrooks aged 76 yrs . 

Sylvester srn of Joshua Norris aged 27 yr . 

Augu3 1 ,1880-!rerried-Levls S. Andersen and Lucinda C, Ccx 
George L. Fox and ^ssabella Croek 

August 18,1880-dead-Wrs . Johnson wife of James M. Johnson 

Soptember 22,lB30-m?.rri ed-David M. Eaily and Esther Cooper 

October 7,lG80-dead- i "argaret S. Burns aged 60 years. 

Leslie 2 yr. old son of fccmella Brooks at nome 
of Robert Gulliet his uncle. 

October ,1830-iMrried-3enjamin Hancock and Magpie Herring 
Elijah Anderson and tannie herring 

December 11,1E:30-S ,S . JonathanaLdwards vs. Allen Snowies ,^-ary L. 
Knowles, D ucllla \alkcr,Lucy S. Kncv.les ,Jchn 0. Snowies, James A. 
Simpson, Susannah Knowles, Serepta Mng, Acenith .'.illiams , Jnomae 
Yeever and George »■ sever. 

December 5, 133 -terrible stern in Hobb Iwp. ?eojle camped at Col. 
Eaton's works on Cor Creek had camp destroyed abojt 40 had to vnde 
out with water up to their arm pits and they were taken to James 
Boylos rcsi donee .( 'Ihis was apparently one of tne gypsy camps that 
periodically traveled through tnis area. r ihe article states tna t they 
wore living in tents and my husband'3 late grandmother ence told me 
of a band or gypsies coming through and camping at various locations 
in Harmony and Kcbb twp . ) 

December 14 , 18 30-married- Chris topher J. Carroll and ~ary J. Endicott 

Febri.ary,l?60-dead during month of February. ^ajor" John Phillips 
Jesse Xi unter aged 63 
William aged 26 
Elisha W« Anderson aped 34 
Martin L. "4ghman agod 32 
Matilda Carnahan agad 81 year 
John Ca7?tborne aged 16 yr. 

February 15,1831-Tells about new church being built at Stewur ts villa . 

Murch,18G0-drownod-George Yott 

page 46 t3 
teurch 15 j 1881 -dead-Annie lb yr. old dau. of ^ames and ^aura boren 

April, 1831-?Ars . Hope leavas for Canada. 

Apri*- March 21,1381-marri ed-Charles &. a ash and Charlotte Britton 

'•arch 29, 1301- Tells of the ajdltion to the otewartsvllle graveyard. 

April 7,1231-aienioriai!; of "ndrew 3annett 

April 16,1881 dead at the residence of V.'illiam id. V.Hliams in Cynthiana 
""ahala i^cNunn aged 70 years. 

April 20,1881-doad-Philli . .Vagner 

April 15,1081-dead- At Florsl, Candy County, ^ansas William H. Dent 54 
had liv^d in Bethel Twp. 

April 29,1861-dfi8d-Charlc3 P. ^eurlng aged 48 yoars wife and 6 children 

M ay 3,1831-iuarried-Jame3 P.A. Hobb ano Lucrotia P. Deiur. 

May I3,l&81-dead- x da Snowies aged about 16 at her grandmothers x, 6ncy Overtc: 

July 1831 -body of Capt. J. K. Highman moved from lowere part of graveyard 
to a higher p^rt(-aple Fill) 

June 29,11 Bl-^ecori an for Ptolemy p. Wells of Phi Hi pa town, Illinois 

August 12,1681-Adm. sale of "ency Nash es tate-V.m.V.illiams ad'i. 

August 1,1881-dead-^ra . &ary Worth aged 80 at dau. tcrs. J. P. Swift 

August 9 ,1881-dead-neur Stevar teville Lodema wife oi j.T. Bishop. 

September 1S81-U .P .Lenard wanting family information lor book he 
intends to publi&h. 

Soptetrber 26,1831-married-camucl Axton and Aaziah. Stallings 

Ootober 25,1881-mentiona Kelly's Rijbple, Indiana somewhere on >'abash 
ebove N. F. 

October 21,1381-dsad- "ancy Barrett aged 77 at sons H.T. Barrett 


^otobor,1681 mentions Marshall s Ferry, Illinois 

December 2 ,1G31- X saac Anderson grandson of ^saac Anderson shot himself 
in heed. 

Dec.l381-dead letters mentions a *'ose l^ner. 

Dec&moer 17 ,lt81-dead-E-lizabeth C. wipe of *.J . Johnson aged 37 yr . 

December 30,1381-Talls of moving of Sttjwartsvilla Post Office from 
Stewar tsvillo to Culvin and the fight that ensued. 

page 4£ 4^ 

January ,1832-narried James E. w ay and C.E.F. Fndicott 

Jourdon ^inncock and &rs . Serah A. Bruce 

January 1882-dead-ViYtt. c opoland aged 35 leaves wife and -4 snail children 

January, 1382-In 1515 Flachel Stewart and Infant child died and were 
buried en the ^Hirtley farn In Pike Scanty, over grave has grown a 
aaoymore tree 12 foet in diamator. . 

January 30, 1082 -married Jcme3 O'Dell and Caroline Stalllngs 

February 10,1882 mentions a sottlonent culled Hew C&s tie, Illinois 
below mouth of Wabash on Ohio started in 1290 by English Settlers, 
aslo known as fjowr.ian s Bend. 

1882-Sarah h. Robb guardian of Lena M. Fobb 

February 8,1882-narricd Ja-nes B« Hunger K.D. and lk ate '"cPhorcon 

&arch,3,13o2-"arry Ferguson sent to jail In Illinois. 

March, 1832-de d lettersePcna Garris 

*arch 20,1882-Our old Church to be auctioned off on Saturday and 
unless some of our citzens buy it we will be without a place to v.crship 

May 7,1882-married-TiIchard Hawkins and Elizabeth Ax ton 

Samuel J ' . Uclson ana Ida "*e.y V.ood 
William u ouse and Lucinda Green 

**sy il,1882-.iead- '.\ e nd&l Schmidt aged 54 

*»ay ,18R2-"-rs . #ohn °ooper and oldor resident goes to Terr* Haute to 
live with dau. .';.r3. Ycuig 

Junc,ir30-Dig fire at S tewart3villo, Penny destroyed. Shourer and 
Erifgs s tore, of ^arnes !'. V.ij. gins , Saloon and residence of Dr. 
William Cross and V. .'.V. Harp his son£in-law destroyed. 

June IP, 1882 -married Florian Gwultney and 1;, ary ^. Summers 

Juno 30,1332-deud- Mrs. Van Alncn agod 85 at Ulney, Illinois 

June 26,1982-married-James F. Tennis on and ^>arah Cox 

July 7,±>-3e2-cead-V.ilI!nm L. Pob^rrs a^cd 65 at Vincenncr? . 

June 28,1882-"^otel Ducloe" corner of Sain and F R ilroad Ave. at Stewartville 

June 28, 1882 -mentions drbane k -illiams a farmer near Enfield, Illinois 

August lljlSSS-killed-'saao V.ade at *'<adesville . 

August 17,18^2-married-i; olin »• . ^euring and Selma i-ockrith 

September 4,1882-riot at &t. 'em on, house of Lurshal Paul burnt. 

page S£) £> £ 
August, lc92-notlce of ""atilda Carahan's estate. 

September 25 ,1582-North of Stewartsville In the cottons LojIs and 
K&yaond hyne and *:ra . hewman their housekeeper posloned by her 
husband wno was arrested. ^11 three aoparcmtly lived. 

October 13, 13o2--tl on .* ,B .Washburn e of Chicago is to write a life of 
Korris Birkbeak. A na Albion Joarnel aay3 t::at stspa will peraays oe 
tuken to move iir. Birk^eck 's regains irom Sew iiarmcr.y to Albion. 

Octobsr 13,13 ;2-?ells of Hume "adman murdering wife number 4 and other 
people, oasid Murphy was killed wben nob attempted to lynch P.od-.nin. 

October 27,16:V2-ma"ried Joseph M. Uiller and Ella LI. Jefur 

Movoraber 25,1^82-' J amos J. Bally vs. Diana H. "ooper and ^enry J. "ooper 

l^ovanber 10,lG32-killed at Stew-.rtsvllle ^acob '.rra.i trongAvif e and 5 children 

Novcrcoer 21,lStj2-dfcad-John L. ^heeler aged 41 yr. 

kecomber 15, 18f:2- James Johnson vs. John S. and C'harolotte /amcey. 

January l,lG33-marr! ed-W;' lliam S. Boron and n annie Fretageot 

January 23,1 083 -Henry Cox ared 13 yr . old hit. in head by blind step- 
brother uhilo chopping v;ocd dies. 

January 2? ,ly£.3-marriod-John N. Gibson and Etta V. Looraus 

Janus Pendall and Sarah J. Snowies 

January 27,1883-dead-^argarett 77 year old wife of John Choppolsmi th. 

March 9 ,lbr'5-0orneors inquest-Richard "av.kins found muraered. 

April f 1883-final settlement of "a ti Ida I. Reeves estate. 

March 26,1883-3 oasea of snail pox at poor farm. 

April 6,inP3-" i ary v ooper culled homo from school at Terre Husto by 
serious illness of her sister liollie(iileanor ) 

April 13,1885-*rs. Ferguson and 2 dau. left for i-ixon, California 

April 13,1883-dead-xrs. Fannie Fitzgerald of fillips town, Illinois . 

April, 1883-deud-nichard Young aged 70 Cynthiana 

1G83-Cf,lcs and Bor.emand tryinr to catch c cr c C0 ^acquess t.hor they claim 
ombesseled 14, IOC'S of their money in buying grain. 

1883-;^iss :Aollle Stuart of "artha's Vineyard ,^as3 . visiti~>« her sister 
krs . J .A . Cooper . 

page ^L CC 

August3,1883-Stewartsville-J .T. Demaree's father aged 81 yrs. here 
from Missouri . 

August 8,1883-dead-Asbury Ferguson aged 70 yr . 

August 25,1333-returnod home to Princeton after being gone 16 years 
David Carnahan whose wife gave up hopes ande remarried. 

September 19,1833-dead-Capt. Absolca Boron aged 52 

October 21,1883- ti emoriam for '^homaa Robb aged 74 years 

November ,1834-»ai»-ri»^fld married-Fount ^wkins and u attie Boren 

J ames E. ^wens and Delia A. Y.ade 

**anuary2,1885-e3tate sale of Leander Stallings 

estatel sale of Sarah ^. Stallings by guardian of minor 
heirs Ceorge v.. Stallings. 

November ,1884-estate of ^ho as Stallings insolvent. 

November ,1884 -married George C. *'ash and Dora G. Ragsland 

December 8,l884-dead- n arry Clark Wilson 14 yr . old son of Alexander Wilson 

December ,1884 -*"r s . A. Ferguson, daus Ella and '>lrs . L. V a ndergrlft and 
her children gone to Baton Rouge, -^a. to visit releatives . ( Robb 's ) 

January 17,1888- Annie B. °wen vs. Noah &uykendoll and Judith Kuykendoll 

January, 1885-Kstate settling-^ane Pitts vs. Fdward A and "*agnub C. Pitta, 
Charles Ui . and Esther Pitts --astin,Leo Lemoine and Ed. n omer the adm. 
of William °. Pitts estate. 

1885-Alexander Andres conductor on ^.D. and E. railroad killed in fall 
from railway bridge. 

January 5,1885-married-Loury Cross and Lousia Eaton 

January ,1885-dead-Scott Wilkinson 30n of Aaron B. Wilkinson aged 30 
January 10,1385-dead-Eliza 78 year old releftt of William Cox one of 
the earliest citzens of ^ew "armony(^he was dau. of ■'■homas Robb) 

February 27,1S£5-P.G. Gentry of Pvvansville formally of New Harmony 

March, 1885-Willis Stallings native of Posey u ounty was 80 yrs. old Saturday 

March 2,1885-dead-Elizabeth 29 wife of William Stacer 

March 13,1885-dead-Uncle Johnny B. Miller hit by train aged 87 an old 
resident of Harmony Twp. came from iiortha Carolina. 

April 18,1835-Estate sale of ^ Fergus on, Henry (Tayden adm. 

page BS (c'1 

April 1,1885-dead-Bessie 1 rene year old child of Shelly and """sabel Bennett 

May 24,1865-dead- "arvey James aged 9 yr . 

August 19,1887-married John B. »>ilson and Nellie French 

October 14,1887-dead-Martin Heubner aged 30 yr . 

1887-mentlons Tom Anderson an old ^ew ^nnony boy a cowboy at u 3age 
Agency, Indian Territory. 

January 29,1889-dead- Purney Lewis aged 66 

March 6,1889-dead-Capt. J. T. Hugo aged 79 leaves brother Capt. J.R.Hugo 

May 10,1889-dead- Mrs. Lydia V.illiams old resident at her dau. Mrs. G. 
Husband . 

June 21, If. 59 -lists heirs of John C. Stacer of Vanderburg county. °ons 
Clintpn,irank,John, and 1-red. Daughters frrs. Louer, Stuckfleth, 
Mrs. Hager, ^rs . Silliani Brewer, Mrs. John Sipp,u-rs. H. A. ■'■eager. 

August 2,ie89-lists old male citzens of «ew Harmony-- 

T. Munford Sr. 85 Jas. Sampson 82 Geodfrey Schaffer 81 

S. ^artmcnan 80 Richard u isen 79 George Weber 79 

Andrew *'ash 79 John RLbeyere 78 Chispers -ichnee 75 

P. Cartwright 77 Cam. Johnson 75 John *. Hugo 75 

Ed. Murphy 75 W.G. Stlllwell 75 John •ihepharc 75 

John .ilkinson 73 ©.Lichtenberger73 Arthur Stoker 72 

Prod Schupert 72 'ihomas Pote 72 V.C. Duclos 71 

''acquess Canna 71 Aabury Varner 70 

October 23,1891-dead-Fredrick Schupert 75 at son-in-law Y.m. Henderson 

October 25,1091-dead- William V. lis on native of Posey ^ounty aged 74 
burjed at Old Beech. 

November 25, 1C87 -dead- Theodore Wiggins buried at Bethsadia. 

November 25,lb87-doad-'Ihomas T. Roberts over 70 yrs. Anne E. Roberts adra. 

December 5,1887-dead- Mrs. H. W. N e add of fiome, Georgia had lived at N.H. 

February 9 ,1888-deati-i»rs . Lydia Damon aged 76 yr . 

February 24,lL88-killod at Mt. Vernon, Illinois during storm Frank 
Gleckman 43 and Charles Weir. 

March 10,1883-^ouis Richter son of ^aoob Reichter killed self and his 
oousin Lcusa Schraitt 17 after she refused to marry him the next week 
her father Fredrick Schmitt died from grief leaving 7 small children. 
(All are buried in Vanderburg bounty on farm orginally owned by J-homas 
Rose Sr.) 

April 13,1638-dead-John '• . filler Su.momenuent dealer aged 42 leaves 
wife and five children 

page SB ^ 

April 26,l888-dead-""ary ». 34 wife of J. toward Jolinson 

September 1,1838-dead- Gustavus H. ^ooper aged 18 yr. 

November 2S,l8S8-d«*-.> married Loorenzo D. Pearsons Jr. to '^ary K orris 
youngest dau. of ilenry Dutlar cf Hew "armcny 

January 15,1332-uead- George M. Lichtenberger aged 77 born in ?enn. came 
to ". Ft. with parents 70 yours ago. 
Eleanor iiarcross ared 43 yr • 
J ohn Cros3?ir Sr. 

itrs . Annie Fisher a rod 43-dau . of Wra. Perklsy and 
sister of Pred Perkly 

April 3,1332-Lewis Futobl still living in Hon Karnony 

Appril §,13'j'2-doad-"-ary "iott 24 wife of "arry 0. >->hepard of .^'isoogee, 
Indian territory and the dau. of John J/.ott Sr. she had 2 children 

Novomber,1332-dead- irs . Julia Kurd aged 53 
John Clark 77 yrs. _ 

"anuary 0,1393-killtd by train "avid Hoffman of Stewarts villa a^ed 40 yr. 
had wife and several children. 

December, 1302-dead-James Lance a r ed 53 
Julia Kuykendoll 57 

February, 1893-dead-Mrs . Lucinda Lyon aged 68 

Elvada dau. of Iruman Johnson a^ed 18 yr . 
Mrs. Almeda Williams a^ed la 

tearch 12,i333-contain3 an article en Joseph Campbell and Elizabeth 
Gwaltney his wife both born in H. Carolina were married in Posey ^ounty 
in 1825 she was 39 and ho 90 in 1333. 

July 21,1893-dead-Wrs . Anna Fereuscn Jolly born at Lexington, i-entucky 
February 13,18] came to Fvanr.ville when only 9 yesrs eld en family 
bout she with her parents 2 brothers, and 2 sistars aettlrd on 
Pigeon River and she cuo to New Harmony before her {carriage where 3he 
ctu-dicd to fee a tailor. 5he Harried at 17 to William Jolly born l_-06 
diod 1369 and had nine children, ^rriaally a Preeby tcrian but later 
bocamo a member of Christian Cnurch. 

July 21,1893-dead- i- : rs. Betty re fur near 90 a native of worth Carolina 
came her 78 years ago-(Stewartsville) 

August 25,1893-dead-;'.rs . ''arrarot Forcum aged 94£ she had 15 children, 
70 grandchildren and was a native of Tenn. ~er mother also came here 
and lived to be 99. ■'■hey came here in 1813.